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Michelle's 5-Steps to Business Success

Oct 20, 2020

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The bank notified Michelle that she had insufficient funds for her last check that she had used to pay her credit card bill. She decided to pay the minimum payment once again so that she would have some money in her checking account.

Michelle knew that she could always get money from her husband to get her account balance up; but she didn't want to do that again. She didn't want to face her husband's criticism about her business one more time. But she also didn't want...

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Stanley's Stinking Thinking

Oct 13, 2020

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The alarm clock didn't go off; the sun was still 3-hours from brightening the day; and Stanley couldn't sleep. It was 3:00 am and Stanley knew he wouldn't get back to sleep. Why not just start his day early like he had so many times before? His head was filled with thoughts of what he could do to get his business back on track. He might as well do some work since he couldn't sleep.

Stanley owned an engineering consulting firm. His firm worked with municipalities on...

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Darius Energizes His Restaurant

Oct 06, 2020

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Darius started out as a short order cook, then a head cook for a restaurant chain before he decided he could start his own restaurant.

Darius wanted his restaurant to focus on Greek Cuisine. After saving up $100,000 of his own money and finding a few eager investors who offered an additional $200,000, Darius was in business. He leased a place that was in a busy part of town and opened his doors with high hopes.  

As a startup, Darius didn't feel like he could...

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Lucy's Opportunity: Win-Win Selling

Sep 29, 2020

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Glen was getting more disappointed by the week.  His lawn care business wasn't that large, but he needed to get clients for this coming spring, or he wouldn't be able to grow.

A month ago, Glen hired a business coach named Coach Russ.  Russ told him that he needed to start working ON the business instead of IN the business, so he hired a new saleswoman.  She was going to make phone calls each week and he would gain new clients so that he...

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Susan's Frustration: Your Staff's Blunders May Be Caused by Your ENERGY

Sep 22, 2020

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Susan was furious as she hung up the phone.

It was 3 O'Clock on Tuesday morning. Susan was told by her distributor that another shipment would be delayed.

This late shipment meant Susan would, once again, have to pay penalties to retailers who would get their candle shipments late. She told her staff they needed to start meeting deadlines, or they would be fired. She even reminded them again in the past week that the shipment needed to leave their dock...

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Emily's Choice: Should I Stay or Should I GROW

Sep 16, 2020

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Today’s blog post is a story about a flower shop owner who things she’s done all she can with her business as she finally gets out of debt.  Her plans to coast are then challenged by a new stranger in her life.

Emily entered the bank for what she was sure would be the last time ever.

She rarely went to the bank unless she had problems with her accounts. This time was different. This time, Emily was making the final payment on a loan she had...

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Labor: Friend or Foe to the Small Business Owner?

Sep 08, 2020

As we celebrate Labor Day in 2020, I reflected on how this holiday came to be. As I started doing research on labor movements throughout the last century, it was obvious that trends in the labor can be quite helpful and harmful for us small business owners in the next century. Today’s blog post is a history lesson of the U.S. labor movements and a close examination of current trends that are important for small business owners.

History of Labor

In the late 1800’s and early...

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Election 2020 - It Just Doesn't Matter!

Sep 02, 2020

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I’m not sure if you noticed, but we have another highly contentious presidential election coming up in 2020. Plus, many of your elected representatives are up for re-election or are facing a challenger for their seat in congress.

With all this chaos, CNN and Fox News have picked their sides and are spinning the news to favor their candidate. They invite pundits on each hosted program who argue about why the other side is evil and their side is good.


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How Can Your Business be “Fruitful”?

Aug 16, 2020

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Every so often, I take stock of the blog posts I write and wonder if I’m making much of a difference in the lives of small business owners. Do people read them? Do they find knowledge or encouragement? Are business owners better off after applying the advice I give and experiences I share? Or Am I just rambling?

Today, I’ll write something that will most definitely make a difference in your life.

The title of today’s blog post comes...

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How to Successfully Groom Your Employees to Manage Your Business

Aug 14, 2020

In most cases, I get hired by a small business owner to coach them through some rudimentary business challenge like pricing, or time management, or work/life balance. Once they resolve these rudimentary challenges, their business grows. As their business grows, they run into an even greater problem. How to grow up managers within their own ranks.

The Trials & Tribulations

At first, the business owner is in denial. They somehow believe that they don’t need any other managers besides...

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