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Lily Gibarac.jpg
Lily Gibarac
Founder, AIS Strategic Coaching

I met Jeff at the pivotal point as I was going through a major transition in my personal and professional life. Over seven months, Jeff created a healthy balance between coaching, mentoring, and teaching me about important aspects of starting and successfully running my business. He provided a valuable objective point of view and reference while empowering me to make solid decisions as I tackled competing priorities and challenges. Jeff’s vast knowledge and expertise were invaluable when I needed sound advice, education, and a structured process to guide me in making steps forward in my personal in professional life. I would highly recommend Jeff as a business coach and mentor.

Joe Staib.jpg
Joe Staib
CEO & Owner, Enabled Energy, Inc.

I have known and worked with Jeff for many years. Our paths reconnected several years ago when I asked Jeff to get involved in my company's Advisory Board. As usual, Jeff went above and beyond the call of duty during that engagement. Since that time, Jeff has worked with many of the leaders on my team. We have enjoyed much growth in our thinking, decision making, and overall corporate performance. I can't recommend Jeff enough! You can count on Jeff being thoughtful, thorough, creative, and both strategic and tactical at the same time. Chances are he's been where you are and can help you get to the next step.

Shivani Bhasin.jpg
Shivani Bhasin
Executive Coach, UncapAbilities

When I started working with Jeff, I struggled to find clarity in how I wanted to proceed with my coaching practice. I wanted to teach young adults how to think critically. Jeff displayed the ability to ask just the right questions at the right times, which made me reflect and think about what choices worked best for me. Since my time working with Jeff, I have developed a comprehensive program that will have a major impact on my clients. Jeff used his business knowledge and experience, while also allowing me to create my own ideas within a productive coaching framework. Jeff is extremely warm and is genuinely helpful and knows just how to motivate me.

Noah Heckathorne.jpg
Noah Heckathorne, Freelancer
Bowfin CAD

Jeff is a fantastic coach. He took the time to learn how my business operates and then systematically addressed each issue to improve it. Since working with him my business runs smoother and I feel much more confident working with new clients.

Kim Plache.jpg
Kim Plache
Owner, Inside & Out Pet Care, LLC

Jeff is an awesome business coach. He helped me get my business back on track, and then helped with the new business I was trying to start. He helped me understand some of the smaller details that I never took into consideration when growing a business. :)

Shawn McMillin.jpg
Shawn McMillin
Senior Business Development Manager at Supreme Roofing

Having Jeff as a business coach was a refreshing change from the stereotypical “business development consultants” who seem to want to direct clients along a “one size fits all” path to improvement. While his coaching style was always conversational and easy-going; he knew exactly the right questions to ask, and how to direct our discussions in order to quickly get to the heart of the matter and to put me on track – not only so that I could more quickly identify my personal roadblocks – but also to allow me to define my own unique solutions. Thank you so much!

Lyssa Yanoviak.jpg
Lyssa Yanoviak
Director, Strategic Relationship Planning, TIAA

I was feeling stuck and in a downward spiral with a recent accumulation of disappointing events. Jeff helped me to better center myself through focus on daily intention setting. Jeff used powerful and thought-provoking questions and guidance to move me into action quickly and confidently. I found that I could really focus on the few important outcomes I was striving for and break them down to digestible daily steps so that I could accomplish them. This feeling of accomplishment budded and bloomed into a positive upward spiral to elevate me out of my funk.

Kevin Coates.jpg
Kevin Coates
Professional Life Coach

Jeff has been a great resource for me to get my coaching business started. He really helped me get through some tough times when work wasn’t going well. I continue to keep in perspective the positive energy he encouraged me to focus on when dealing with those challenges. He is great at helping people create a vision for their business. I would definitely recommend him as a coach to work with if you are starting your own business. We often get caught up in our emotions when making a big decision like this. Jeff has a way about him that helps to create clarity and rationale to minimize the emotional strain that can cloud our judgement.

Lisa Stull.jpg
Lisa Stull, MS, LMFT, CGT
Owner, Comprehensive Counseling Solutions, LLC

Jeff really helped me to learn the difference between managing my business to becoming an entrepreneur. I went from a solo psychotherapy practice, to running The Center for Well-Being, a wellness leasing company, owning Aesthetics 360 Face and Body Center, with 9 employees focused on helping people look and feel their best, and added a therapist to my psychotherapy practice. I'm now a full Entrepreneur!! Thank you, Jeff, highly recommend his straight forward, challenging approach to help you achieve your goals.

Baltazar Pena.jpg
Baltazar Peña
Owner, Las Palmeras Mexican Restaurant

Being an entrepreneur has always been my passion. Any extra education or thought process came from personal experience, self help books, cd’s or the internet. Once I decided to get a business coach, I skipped several people and chose Jeff. His background in business and being a Christian made my decision much easier. I have come to know him and found he is a man of great moral character. He understands the business world and the people it takes to run them. I’ve learned a different and better way to approach my challenges in business and in life. Thank you Jeff for teaching me a new way to improve myself and my business.

Anson Thompson
Insurance Ninja, The Thompson Group

I hired Jeff to help me move from a top producing salesperson to the position of sales management. Through his coaching, he showed me a path to success. Since engaging Jeff, I have referred more than ten people to him for his coaching services. If you are thinking about adding a coach, I strongly recommend you reach out to Mr. Schuster. His energy assessment tool is simply amazing and can help you figure out what changes or moves you need to make to create your dream life.

Kelly Klohs Grady.jpg
Kelly Klohs Grady
Owner, Tender Loving Carats

Jeff listens to your needs. He made my business more efficient with less stress! The systems he helped me put in place are genius. I take home twice as much money and work half as much. He knows how to help you make & save more money. I was a very mom & pop, paper receipt kind of girl… scared of computer spreadsheets, paperwork, taxes, & hiring someone to help. Jeff made it all easier, more organized, and calmed me down.

Mark Hamilton.jpg
Mark Hamilton
Counselor, Peak Counseling & Wellness

I began working with Jeff when my business was still in its infancy stages. Through consulting with Jeff, I was able to see beyond the hectic day to day tasks and develop a future-focused lens for my business. As the result of Jeff’s patient and knowledgeable support, I am now proactively planning for growth rather than reacting to constantly changing conditions. I strongly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to grow their business or to help more closely synchronize personal and professional goals.

I'm grateful for my many business owner clients over the years. As you can see by this list, I coach a diverse group of entrepreneurs.  If you are interested in coaching, book a time to talk about how you can benefit from business coaching.

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