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Are you serious about starting and growing a successful business?

"Go from Rookie to BUSINESS PRO in


Don't guess at how to start your business...  Write an Awesome Business Plan... and EXECUTE that plan with confidence.


Learn the six most important and seldom understood lessons that will make or break your business.


Starting a business can be frustrating!
Especially, if this is the first company you’ve tried to start... and the last thing you want to do is write a business plan.


80% of startup businesses in the U.S. fail to make it 3-years.

You can ask any question on Google to get the answer you want if you run into problems. Right?
Wrong! A Google search will turn up a lot of information. Now, you must pick the right information. If you’ve never run a business, it’s impossible to separate the FAKERS from the TRUTH-TELLERS.


When you’re starting a business, you don’t know what you don’t know.

This makes it impossible to search the internet and apply search results to your business.



💠 Gain business knowledge you can apply right away.

💠 Set prices confidently, attracting new customers while optimizing profit

💠 Pick the best marketing strategy saving you thousands in advertising

💠 Battle the negative attitude that is sure to come your way

You want to start a thriving business... know that thriving business owners write business plans... don't want to waste your time writing a plan that won't work...'re convinced you don't have the expertise to write a plan that WORKS...

...and you can't afford to hire an expert to show you what you must do to succeed.


What can you do?

Bar Chart


 Starting Your Business from Scratch 



💠 Training that walks you through a step-by-step process to learn and apply business principles to start your business the RIGHT WAY.

💠Workbooks for each lesson so that you can apply learned business principles to YOUR BUSINESS. 

💠A Financial Planning Tool to predict your monthly and yearly budget. Know your monthly income and expenses so that you eliminate your stress about money.

💠A Business Planning Document Template to document key elements of your business plan to prove to any financial stake holder that your business is a WISE INVESTMENT.

💠E-Mail support from a LIVE BUSINESS COACH to answer questions that you have as you go through the training so that you get the answers you need.

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A Step-by-step, TRAINING & BUSINESS PLANNING SYSTEM in ONE so that you can launch your business the RIGHT way.

What will I learn?

Finance Module.jpg

Module #1

Small Business Finance

Learn how to create a cash generating business  to support you, your family, your employees and provide value to your customers.

Marketing Module.jpg

Module #2

Small Business Marketing

Learn how to create a unique image and message that makes you stand out to attract as many customers as your small business can handle.

Sales Module.jpg

Module #3

Sales Training

Most people HATE TO SELL. You'll learn how to convert a prospect into a high paying customer without sounding like a sales jerk.

Vision Module.jpg

Module #4

Vision & Time Management

You're wearing several different hats as a small business owner. Learn how to create a compelling vision and manage your time like a pro. 

Business Formation Module.jpg
Business Execution Module.jpg

Module #5

Business Formation

You'll learn the critical legal and administrative tasks of running your business.  Employment, taxes, intellectual property and more.

Module #6

Business Execution

In this module, you'll learn how to put together everything you've learned into a concise business plan... and then execute that plan.

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About Your Instructor

My name is Jeff Schuster. I started, grew and sold a multi-million dollar business over a period of 16-years. After selling my business I wanted to help others succeed in business. I realized how my business created amazing community value and personal wealth. As I watched others struggle and fail at their business dreams, I wanted to help and encourage them to succeed. So, I became a business coach.

I noticed that most new business owners were missing something. They were missing fundamental knowledge that they needed to be successful. That's what prompted me to create the Starting Your Business from Scratch business launch system. I have watched hundreds who have completed this system transform their lives from worry to joy.

The next section of this long introduction to the Starting Your Business from Scratch system is the price. You'll notice that the price is LOW. This low price may deter some of you who are looking for a serious business training system.  I guarantee you that the content in this training is from years of experience in business ownership experience and teaching hundreds of other small business owners.  You won't be disappointed with what you will learn with Starting Your Business from Scratch. 

Over 100 Happy Students

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Richard says

"Starting Your Business from Scratch is an awesome course! It walks you through the fundamentals of all the things you need to start a business with detailed, step--by-step explanations. Great amount of time and focus spent on the planning phases of starting a business. These phase are often overlooked by most new business owners embarking on this journey."

Veronica says

"Starting Your Business from Scratch is excellent and precise. It’s very clear, real, and useful content! I felt like the information was quite valuable, with clear explanations of business principles. The delivery of the course was very engaging with relevant activities to apply what I learned to my business."




for a one-time cost of $179.99

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