Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot of misinformation in the Business Coaching world.  This page is designed to give you answers.

Individual Business Coaching - FAQ

Business Expertise & Life Coaching Skills: Jeff Schuster combines over 30-years of business experience with superior life coaching skills to help his clients break through external and internal obstacles.

  • Certified life coaches do a great job at helping their clients break through internal obstacles, but come up empty when it’s time to advise a business owner client.
  • Business consultants fall short when they try to force their clients to accept cookie-cutter advice that often doesn’t apply to their client’s unique situation.

Jeff combines his business experience and life coaching skills to help his clients create custom solutions that are unmatched in the business coaching world.

Business coaching is designed to integrate with your daily activities. You will invest an hour for each coaching session. Homework will be assigned at the end of each coaching session and is completed prior to the next coaching session. This homework is designed to integrate with your current work load and move you forward in the objectives you’ve identified within the coaching relationship. Homework will not add to your existing work load, instead it tends to reduce time you spend on tasks that don't serve you.

I offer 1, 2 and 4 coaching session per month packages. 

The frequency of coaching session will set the pace for your progress. If you feel like you want to move at a slower pace, monthly coaching sessions may be most appropriate for you. If you want to move at a fast pace, weekly sessions tend to get my clients moving quickly.

The minimum term of my coaching contracts is 6-months.  However, you may cancel or change your coaching frequency any time you want.  If you cancel before 6-months, you will pay my retail rate per coaching session, instead of the reduced 6-month rate.

In business coaching there are two distinct obstacles that I experience with my clients: 1) internal; and 2) external.

An internal obstacle is a way of thinking that is preventing my client from moving forward. When I encounter an internal obstacle, I use Core Energy Coaching skills; and ask powerful open-ended questions to help my clients expand their thinking and navigate their way forward. I find that this creates a sustainable solution for my client.

An external obstacle is often based on inexperience in some business fundamental that my client is unaware. I educate my client on the critical business fundamental they are overlooking.

I combine both of these techniques in my business coaching style to ensure my business owner clients create the success they desire.

Results vary from client to client based on their stated goals in our coaching relationship. In coaching business owners, most of my clients achieve financial results far in excess of fees they pay me as their coach. My clients improve their business finances by improving in: Personal Life, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Growth, Staffing and Legacy.

Other results for my clients include: vision clarity, leadership skills, stopping micro-management, communication skills, work/life balance, life enjoyment, and ability to delegate.

Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching offers multiple products and services to help small business owners.  Here is a list: 1) Books; 2) Workshops; 3) Mastermind Groups; 4) Topical Business Coaching Groups; 5) Individual Coaching; 6) Business Networking; 7) Public Speaking; 8) Weekly Blog Posts; and 9) Online Training.  We will stop at nothing to help our small business owner clients succeed.

Book FREE Discovery Session

If you want to see if Individual Coaching is right for you, you can book a 30-minute, complementary discovery session on my calendar now.

Masterminds - FAQ

 A mastermind group is a group of similar, but not competing business owners.  Each person in a mastermind with help other members of the mastermind, by helping them think through their business challenges.  During each mastermind meeting, two to four members will be on the hot seat.  This means they will present their challenge to the group and get valuable input from other group members.

A Mastermind differs from individual coaching in three key ways: 1) lower cost; 2) team member focus; and 3) group interaction.

  • Lower cost: Since you are sharing my time with others, you will be paying less than if you pay for individual coaching sessions. 
  • Team member focus: In individual coaching, you bring your specific challenge directly to a business coach.  In a mastermind, an individual (maybe not you) brings their challenge to the group for help.  While you may not have brought up the topic, it is often true that non-hot-seat members receive valuable input for their business. 
  • Group interaction: Because the discussion is among several business owners, you will gain insight from many different business owners who share your business ownership journey.

Select group members will bring a specific business challenge to the group as follows:

Step 1 (5-min): describe specific challenge in their business. 

Step 2 (10-min): group asks clarifying questions. 

Step 3 (10-min): group members offer solutions. 

Step 4 (5-min): feedback on process. 

There will typically be time for 4-mastermind sessions per 2-hour meeting.  

I receive individual requests for business owners to join a mastermind group (see application form).  Once I have a group of at least 6 members and no more than 10 members of like businesses, I create a mastermind group with a specific schedule, and periodic meeting agenda. Competitors are not allowed to be in the same group.  To put sign up for the next mastermind group, click on the orange button at the bottom of this FAQ section.

Mastermind groups meet twice per month.  The duration of mastermind group meetings will be 2-hours per meeting.

Speaking - FAQ

I typically speak about creating a successful business mindset.  My audience is mostly comprised of business professionals, consultants, accountants, lawyers, business executives or business owners.  

My key note speaking fee is $5,000 plus any travel expenses that are required.  I will speak for less than this, if there is an opportunity to market my coaching services and products to the audience at the end of the presentation.

I am glad to create a custom speech for your occasion as long as the content of the speech is consistent with business coaching principles I advocate.


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