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  • How is Jeff Schuster different than other business coaches?
    Jeff Schuster combines over 30-years of business experience with life coaching skills to help his clients break through external and internal obstacles. This experience includes starting, growing, and selling a multi-million-dollar business. This means you get business knowledge and experience that you won't get from life coaches. You also gain mindset coaching that business consultants lack. Jeff offers a diverse set of coaching methods including: individual coaching, online training, and workshops. All of his services are more affordable than expensive business coaches and more effective than life coaches posing as business experts.
  • How much time will I invest in a coaching relationship?
    You will invest an hour for each coaching session. Homework will be assigned at the end of each coaching session and is completed prior to the next coaching session. This homework is designed to integrate with your current work load and move you forward in the objectives you’ve identified within the coaching relationship. A good rule of thumb is to plan on 1-hour in coaching, and another 2-3 hours completing homework. The amount of time will increase as the frequency of coaching increases. Most clients make substantial progress in key areas of their business within 12-coaching sessions.
  • What frequency of individual coaching sessions should I sign up for?
    I offer 1, 2 and 4 coaching session per month packages. The frequency of coaching sessions will set the pace for your progress. If you feel like you want to move at a slower pace, monthly coaching sessions may be most appropriate for you. If you want to move at a fast pace, weekly sessions will be the best fit. If you pick the wrong frequency to start off, we can always alter the frequency to suit your needs.
  • How long is my coaching contract?
    Each coaching package is a month-to-month commitment. You may cancel anytime if you're not experiencing the progress you expect.
  • What is your coaching style?
    In business coaching there are two distinct obstacles that my clients experience: 1) internal; and 2) external. An internal obstacle is a way of thinking that prevents my client from moving forward. When I encounter an internal obstacle, I use Life Coaching skills; and ask powerful open-ended questions to help my clients expand their thinking to navigate their way forward. An external obstacle is often based on a lack of knowledge, finances or inexperience. I either advise my client, if I have the required knowledge, or we strategize on methods of overcoming this obstacle. I combine both techniques in coaching sessions to ensure my clients achieve the success they desire.
  • What results can I expect?
    Results vary from client to client based on their stated goals in our coaching relationship. Most clients achieve financial results in excess of fees they pay me as their coach. My clients improve their business finances by gaining more clients and increasing profitability. Coaching clients gain: vision, clarity, leadership skills, communication skills, work/life balance, life enjoyment, finance skills, and ability to delegate. At the end of the initial Discovery Session, I'll give you an expectation of how I can help and the results you can expect to achieve.
  • How do you conduct coaching sessions?
    All coaching sessions are conducted over a Zoom call. You will get calendar invites for each coaching session. You can use your video cameria in the call, or use audio only. Most calls are scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm (U.S.Mountain Time), Monday through Friday.
  • How do you keep my sensitive information confidential?
    We will routinely discuss information that is confidential in nature. My clients share personal life situations as well as proprietary business information with me in our coaching sessions. A confidentiality agreement is part of every coaching contract. I don't share information you share with me in a coaching session unless you authorize me in writing. In cases where I coach competitors within the same industry, I divulge the nature of the potential conflict to my clients in advance.
  • How can I see if business coaching is right for me?
    The best way to determine if you will benefit from business coaching with me, is to have a conversation with me. I offer a free 1-hour long Discovery Session. This is NOT a sales pitch on coaching. I will ask questions about your business and how you think that coaching can help you. In the majority of my Discovery Sessions, I recommend a different path than business coaching. If you want to schedule a Discovery Session, you can slick on one of the many buttons and schedule your call any time. The scheduling button accesses my calendar and you can pick an open spot for your Discovery Session.
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