Jeff Schuster combines over 30-years of business experience with life coaching skills to help his clients break through external and internal obstacles. This means you get business knowledge and experience that life coaches lack; and you get mindset coaching that business consultants. In addition, Jeff offers a diverse set of coaching methods including: individual coaching, group coaching, online training, and workshops. All of his services are more affordable than expensive business coaches and more effective than life coaches posing as business experts.

Business coaching is designed to integrate with your daily activities. You will invest an hour for each coaching session. Homework will be assigned at the end of each coaching session and is completed prior to the next coaching session. This homework is designed to integrate with your current work load and move you forward in the objectives you’ve identified within the coaching relationship. Homework will improve the efficiency at which you accomplish work that's meaningful to you and your business.

I offer 1, 2 and 4 coaching session per month packages. 

The frequency of coaching session will set the pace for your progress. If you feel like you want to move at a slower pace, monthly coaching sessions may be most appropriate for you. If you want to move at a fast pace, weekly sessions tend to get my clients moving quickly.

The minimum term of my coaching contracts is 6-months.  However, you may cancel or change your coaching frequency any time you want.  If you cancel before 6-months, you will pay my retail rate per coaching session, instead of the reduced 6-month rate.

In business coaching there are two distinct obstacles that I experience with my clients: 1) internal; and 2) external.

An internal obstacle is a way of thinking that prevents my client from moving forward. When I encounter an internal obstacle, I use Life Coaching skills; and ask powerful open-ended questions to help my clients expand their thinking to navigate their way forward.

An external obstacle is often based on an obstacle that is out of the direct control of my client and we strategize on methods of moving forward.

I combine both techniques to ensure my business owner clients create the success they desire.

Results vary from client to client based on their stated goals in our coaching relationship. Most of my clients achieve financial results far in excess of fees they pay me as their coach. My clients improve their business finances by gaining more clients and increasing profitability.

My clients also gain: vision clarity, leadership skills, stopping micro-management, communication skills, work/life balance, life enjoyment, and ability to delegate.

If you engage in a free Discovery Session, I give you a specific proposal after that session that will outline what results you can expect to achieve.

A business coaching group is made up of 6 to 12 business owners.  We meet once a month for a 4-hour meeting. In the meeting, each member shares a specific business challenge they'd like to resolve.

Once the challenge is stated to the group, members of the group ask clarifying questions. Each member of the group then suggest solutions to the challenge.

The premium group coaching option also includes monthly 1-on-1 group coaching sessions for topics you'd prefer not to discuss with the rest of the group.

We will routinely discuss information that is confidential in nature. My clients share personal life situations as well as proprietary business information with me in our coaching sessions. A confidentiality agreement is part of every coaching contract. I don't share information you share with me in a coaching session unless you authorize me in writing. In group coaching sessions, each member of the group signs a confidentiality agreement that they will not share information shared in the group.

I assemble groups through an application process. Once you submit your name and email address, I can see if you match a current group that is in progress, or will fit with another group of applicants. I combine people who own businesses of similar size and experience levels.

Do you still have questions?

I'd be glad to answer any questions that were not answered here. You can either send me a note through the CONTACT PAGE, or book a free 60-minute Discovery Session.


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