Individual coaching sessions allow for a more intimate coaching experience than group coaching.  We coach our clients based on one simple principle...

In order to succeed in business you must have clarity of thought (Mindset) and you must understand the way your business machine generates corporate and personal wealth (Mechanics)

Once you establish a coaching foundation and set goals, we help you achieve, and in most cases exceed, your goals through regularly scheduled individual coaching sessions.

Please see the step-by-step process below that we use for each individual coaching client.

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Starting a Coaching Relationship

Discovery Session: We first want to better understand your situation and what you hope to gain from a business coaching relationship.  

Coaching Decision: You then decide if coaching with Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching is a fit for you.

Select Coaching Frequency: You select 1X, 2X or 4X monthly coaching packages. 

Purchase Coaching Package: You will purchase your selected coaching services.  

Mindset & Mechanics Assessments: Prior to the first coaching session, you will be sent a mindset and a mechanics assessment that you complete online.  

2-Hour Debrief Session: Your first schedule coaching session will debrief the results you obtained in your mechanics and mindset assessments.  

Scheduled Coaching Sessions: You will then schedule your coaching sessions on a monthly basis.  

Online Training System Access:  During the individual coaching relationship, you'll have unlimited access to our online business training modules. 

Book FREE Discovery Session

To learn more details about each step, you can read more in the panels below.

The first part of that process is to conduct a no-cost, 1-hour discovery session to allow our business coach to better understand your situation and how or if we can help.  This discovery session also allows you to better understand the value you can receive with individual coaching.

After the discovery session, you may decide coaching is either a good or bad fit for you. If you decide to engage in coaching, you proceed to the next step. If not, you have no obligation whatsoever to Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching. In some cases, we may decide you're not a good client for our coaching practice and will refer you to another professional that will be a better fit.

The next step is to select a coaching frequency.  We offer 1X, 2X or 4X monthly coaching packages. Each package has a minimum commitment of 6-months.  The higher the frequency, the faster you will move toward your desired objective.

You will be sent a credit card enrollment offer to pay for your coaching services. You will be billed monthly in advance of your coaching sessions. The cost for monthly coaching is $227 per month; bimonthly coaching is $407 per month; and quadruple coaching is $777 per month.

Prior to the first coaching session, you will be emailed two assessments that you complete online.  One is a mechanics assessment that allows you to tell us about your business in eight critical spokes of our Business Wheel.  The Mindset Assessment is an attitudinal assessment that helps you understand how your mindset is affecting your business and your life. 

Your very first schedule coaching session will be 2-hours. This first session will debrief the results you obtained in your mechanics and mindset assessments. These two assessments are critical in establishing a sound foundation for our coaching relationship. After gaining a more complete understanding of where you're starting from, you will set goals for your coaching relationship.

After your debrief, you will be e-mailed a scheduling link on a monthly basis to schedule your coaching sessions. Our scheduling application allows you to coordinate your calendar with your coach's calendar to schedule 1-hour coaching sessions that fit your schedule.

A coaching session is 1-hour. The first 10-minutes is spent debriefing homework that you were assigned from the previous session. The next 40-minutes is spent working on a specific topic that you bring to the coaching session. The final 10-minutes is used to create actions to be completed by the next session. This process helps our clients move deliberately toward their desired goals.

Coaching calls are completed over Zoom Video/Audio calls so that you can complete your coaching at the convenience of your own office.

Unlimited Access to Online Business Training

During your coaching relationship, you will have unlimited access to online training in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Vision Creation, Time Management, Business Formation, Taxes, Employment, Business Planning and Business Execution. Each training module comes complete with training manuals, workbooks, and tools that you can use to apply proven business skills to your business.  You can use this training at any point, or it may be used as the basis for assignments during your coaching relationship.

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