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"Learn to be a Great Leader without Spending a Fortune"

If you manage a group of people or want to get a promotion to a management position, you NEED formal leadership training.

Leadership MattersTM is a professional leadership training program that will teach you the skills you need with a proven training process in a week.


Proven and Time-Tested Leadership Principles


For managers to be successful, they must understand people and systems that have been demonstrated to work for decades. The Leadership MattersTM training program will help them get off to a great start.

💠 Trust-Worthy Ally: Learn to accept responsibility and accountability to take the initiative to complete work without constant support.

💠 Team Builder: Learn to create high-performance teams that increase productivity of their organization by up to five times.

💠 People Person: Learn to train and motivate others through proven communication, coaching and conflict resolution techniques.

Leadership MattersTM uses an approach that successfully trains managers in any industry. I combine three different training techniques any of which is guaranteed to be effective for managers in your business. We will introduce managers to five areas of training that help leaders build productive relationships with their team members.

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      Leadership Matters      

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A Step-by-step, LEADERSHIP TRAINING SYSTEM so that you're ready for the promotion to leader you've always wanted. 

What will you learn?

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The Value of Leadership


Students will learn why leadership skills are so important and how organizations with great leaders can create 5X the output of organizations with poor or no leaders.

Building High-Performance Teams


Students learn the team formation process of forming, storming, norming and performing.  They will gain specific tools for conflict resolution and process improvement.

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Leveraging Diverse Personalities


Students learn how to identify and leverage each personality type in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). A personality assessment is included and available to students and their team members.

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Empowerment & Delegation


Students learn how to train and then delegate responsibilities to team members. Students will learn when to direct and when to empower their staff to create optimum control and freedom within their teams.

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Energize Your Team


Students learn how to motivate themselves and their team members. They'll gain the tools Core Energy Coaches use to help team members take the initiative to make the best decisions in any circumstance. 

How will you learn?


Training Videos


Students will watch five narrated, professional, internet-based, video training modules that allow students to learn in the convenience of their homes or office. They may pause, or replay training at any time. All students will have life-time access to training videos.

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Written Training Manual


None of us want to try to find the place in the video we want to review, so a fully illustrated 70-page PDF training manual is included with Leadership MattersTM. Students can use the manuals for notes instead of trying to write down all the information as they watch the video.

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E-Mail Correspondence


Enrollment in the Leadership MattersTM training series allows students to e-mail the instructor to ask any questions to understand hot to apply leadership principles taught in the course.

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About Your Instructor

My name is Jeff Schuster. I started, grew and sold a multi-million dollar business over a period of 16-years. After selling my business I wanted to help others succeed in business. I realized how my business created amazing community value and personal wealth. As I watched others struggle and fail at their business dreams, I wanted to help and encourage them to succeed. So, I became a business coach.

I was one of the lucky ones. I got amazing leadership training from my time working for a large corporation. Most small business owners aren't so lucky. If small business owners doesn't receive formal leadership training and train their employees on leadership, they have set a ceiling for growth in their company. I urge you to take formal leadership training seriously and take advantage of this opportunity to train all of your people.

The next section of this long introduction to this webpage is the price for Leadership Matters. You'll notice that the price is LOW. This low price may deter some of you who are looking for a serious leadership training system.  I guarantee you that the content in this training is from years of experience in leadership and teaching hundreds of other new managers.  You won't be disappointed with what you will learn with Leadership Matters. 




for a one-time cost of $79.99

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