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About Jeff Schuster

I started, grew, and sold a multi-million-dollar, regional Energy Services Company (ESCo) in 2013. 
While the result of my business ownership was a success, I struggled most of the time. 

…I struggled to balance time with work and family. 
…I struggled to keep work coming in to support an ever-growing staff.
…I struggled with the burden of debt and keeping cash in the bank.
…I struggled with knowing when to grow and when to retreat.


Why was I going through these struggles? Were these struggles in my head? What was my true purpose? Was I on this planet to serve my family, my employees, or my customers? Why did God place me in a leadership position with so many conflicting responsibilities? 

I endured these struggles and have a clear understanding of my purpose in this life. 

  •  My heart is for the small business owner.

  •  My mind is in the numbers and the mechanics of business. 

  •  My skill is in growing energy service businesses.

  •  My soul is focused on eternity.


My faith has helped me weather the storms and find peace and purpose. I enjoy coaching business owners from all faiths and backgrounds and helping them find success in business and in life.

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