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Read my words, or listen to my voice as I share stories, give business advice, share political insights, enlighten you on helpful mindset techniques or spiritual help for small business owners,

“I struggled to find clarity in my coaching practice. Jeff asked the right questions at the right times, helping me reflect on the choices that work best for me. I developed a comprehensive program that has a major impact on my clients. Jeff used his business knowledge and experience; allowing me to create my own ideas within his coaching framework. Jeff is extremely warm and is genuinely helpful and knows just how to motivate me.“

Shivani Bhasin
Owner, Uncap Abilities

Business Coaching Services

"I hired Jeff to help me move from a top producing salesperson to sales management.  He showed me a path to success.  If you’re thinking of hiring a coach, I strongly recommend you reach out to Jeff."

Anson Thompson
Owner, The Thompson Group

Individual Coaching

You care about your business deeply. You’ll invest most of your time working on, working in or thinking about your business. Sadly, this close relationship means you’ll be blind to opportunities to improve profitability and recapture time with your family. Business coaching can last three months or a lifetime depending on how you want to use it.  We will follow a 6-step proven process to establish a coaching foundation, set goals, and then achieve those goals through regularly scheduled coaching sessions.

A no-cost session to understand your situation, your hopes, dreams and challenges.

You receive a coaching proposal that outlines a process to achieve your goals.

Select and purchase coaching package (1X, 2X or 4X per month)

Complete onboarding assessments for first coaching session.

First session is a 2-hour session where we go review results of assessments.

We then schedule regular coaching sessions that achieve your objectives

I have helped some business owners free up time to spend with family while tripling the size of their business. I’ve helped others navigate a path to financial independence. Still others have become confident in pricing strategies that increase customers while giving them the financial resources to reinvest in growth. Analytical leaders gained the people leadership skills they so desperately needed to grow. Some built companies that could be sold for millions. I can’t tell you what I can do for you. The only way you'll be able to know if business coaching can help you is to schedule a free Discovery Session.

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“I tried to education myself with experience, books, and the internet. Once I decided to get a business coach, I skipped several people and chose Jeff. I’ve learned a different and better way to approach my challenges in business and in life. Thank you, Jeff for teaching me a new way to improve myself and my business.”

Baltazar Peña
Owner, Las Palmeras Restaurant

Mastermind Groups

Your spouse doesn’t understand your business worries.

Your friends tell you what you want to hear.

Industry colleagues consider you a competitor.

How about joining a group of fellow business owners who are going through the same trials and tribulations as you? You will be amazed at how helpful it can be to vent worries to others who understand what you’re going through. It’s cathartic to help fellow business owners overcome challenges they are facing as well. If you’re interested in joining a mastermind group of fellow business owners, apply for the next group, now. Once you join a group, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

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“Having Jeff as a business coach was a refreshing change from the stereotypical “business consultants”. His coaching style is conversational and easy-going; he knew the right questions to ask, and how to direct our discussions in order to quickly put me on a positive track. After working with Jeff, I could quickly identify my roadblocks and define my own unique solutions.“

Shawn McMillin
Business Development Manager, Supreme Roofing

Business Training

Business coaching is great for established business owners, but what if you need to learn how to do business?  I have listed some affordable resources below that will teach you everything you need to know to start and run a business successfully. 

Learn how to convert your passion into a money making business. Starting Your Business from Scratch is an online training program that teaches you how to understand and predict your finances, how to implement marketing tactics and strategies that work, and how to develop and follow a sales process for your business. I've added vision, time management, business taxes, employment and everything you need to create and execute a solid business.

Depending on whose numbers you believe, 50% to 80% of small businesses fail. These failures can be avoided by learning proven business principles. 

At some point in your business or professional career, you want to create a legacy that is greater than yourself. In order to accomplish that greatness you need a group of people who are committed to your cause. Leadership Matters is an online professional leadership training program that will give you the skills to create the high-performance team you need. 

You will understand the value you must provide to be a great leader in any organization. You will then learn four key leadership skills: team formation, leveraging personalities, empowering your team, and energizing your team.

SCORE is an extension of the Small Business Administration and was created to help small business owners.  They offer many low-cost webinars and business coaches who can help you launch your business.  In many cases their services are either free or come at a very low cost. I have been a volunteer for SCORE for a time and have had clients who have worked with SCORE.  I have experienced good and bad results from SCORE, but believe that any starting business owner should at least give this organization a chance to help them start their business.

The image link will take you to the Denver SCORE website.

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers help from creating a business plan, to creating a marketing plan, and can offer you free consultants and coaches that can help you learn how to start and grow your business the right way.  The primary difference between the SBDC and SCORE is that the SBDC is administered by your county government and will usually give you more time and attention than most SCORE offices.  

The image link will take you to the Colorado SBDC website.  I encourage you to connect with your county SBDC to investigate their freely available resources.

“Jeff listens to your needs. He made my business more efficient with less stress! I take home twice as much money and work half as much. I was a very ‘mom & pop’, kind of girl... scared of computer spreadsheets, paperwork, taxes, & hiring someone to help. Jeff made it easier, more organized, and calmed me down.“

Kelly Klohs Grady
Owner, Tender Loving Carats

About Jeff

I started, grew and sold a multi-million-dollar business over a 16-year period. After taking on a leadership position in the company that acquired mine for a short time, I realized that my true passion was building businesses. Frankly, I was not that excited about building another business of my own that didn't directly help other small business owners achieve multi-million-dollar successes.

As I coached small business owners in my practice, I realized that some had "mechanical" deficiencies that would prevent them from growing while others struggled with "mindset" challenges. Almost all of them were afraid to grow. As a trained engineer, I couldn't resist... I created a systematic process to quickly expose mechanics and mindset challenges experienced by any small business owner. I then lift my clients out of the role of "doing" and into the role of "leading" their businesses. I've created several products and services that combine my mechanics and mindset approach into affordable products and services to help anyone build the multi-million-dollar business of their dreams quickly.

“I was in a downward spiral. Jeff helped me center myself through daily intention setting. He used powerful and thought-provoking questions and guidance to move me into action quickly and confidently. I found I could focus on the important outcomes I was striving for, and break them down to digestible daily steps. This feeling of accomplishment bloomed into a positive upward spiral to elevate me out of my funk.”

Lyssa Yanoviak
Director of Business Integration, TIAA

Business Mechanics & Mindset

How Your Thoughts Create or Sabotage Your Business Success

Whether your business is a great success or on the verge of failure, you constantly worry about it. What if you knew that you can choose the thoughts you use in business... and that those thought choices will make the difference in your business success and determine how content you are with life?  What if you learn how showing up differently in life will compel your employees, customers, spouse and children to follow you, instead of fight you?  Replace worry with excitement and hope! 

Jeff Schuster, the founder of Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching has combined his Core Energy CoachingTM expertise, with decades of business ownership experience into his latest book, "Business Mechanics & Mindset: How Your Thoughts Create or Sabotage Your Business Success".  In his book, Jeff clearly outlines the seven necessary components to any successful business.  He connects the most important cog in your business machine... YOU.  Finally, Jeff demonstrates how your thoughts and emotions directly impact these critical components of your business and life. 

If you want to better understand how Core Energy CoachingTM principles can help your business, you must read Business Mechanics & Mindset. 

* Core Energy CoachingTM is a trademark belonging to the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Purchase Book on Amazon

“I began working with Jeff when my business was still in its infancy stages. Jeff helped me see beyond the hectic daily tasks and develop a future-focused lens for my business. As the result of Jeff’s patient and knowledgeable support, I'm now proactively planning for growth rather than reacting to changing conditions. I strongly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to grow their business.”

Mark Hamilton
Owner, Peak Counseling & Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Jeff Schuster combines over 30-years of business experience with superior life coaching skills to help his clients break through external and internal obstacles.

  • Certified life coaches do a great job at helping their clients break through internal obstacles, but come up empty when it’s time to advise on business topics.
  • Business consultants fall short when they force their clients to accept cookie-cutter advice that doesn’t apply to their client’s unique situation.

Jeff combines his business experience and life coaching skills to help his clients create custom solutions that are unmatched in the business coaching world.

Business coaching is designed to integrate with your daily activities. You'll invest an hour for each coaching session. Homework will be assigned at the end of each coaching session and is completed prior to the next coaching session. This homework is designed to integrate with your current work load and move you forward in the objectives you’ve identified within the coaching relationship.

Homework will not add to your existing work load, instead it tends to reduce time you spend on tasks that don't serve you.

I offer 1, 2 and 4 coaching session per month packages. 

The frequency of coaching session will set the pace for your progress. If you feel like you want to move at a slower pace, monthly coaching sessions may be most appropriate for you. If you want to move at a faster pace, increased sessions will get you moving quickly.

Here is my price list:
1X per Month Coaching - $227 / month
2X per Month Coaching - $407 / month
4X per Month Coaching - $777 / month

Group Coaching - $127 per month

Group Coaching with 1-on-1 Sessions - $327 per month

Starting Your Business from Scratch  - $277 (Online Training)

Leadership Matters - $397 (Online Training)

The minimum term of my coaching contracts is 6-months.  You may cancel or change your coaching frequency any time you want.  If you cancel before 6-months, you will pay my retail rate for coaching sessions you've already attended.

In business coaching there are two distinct obstacles I experience with my clients: 1) internal; and 2) external.

An internal obstacle is a way of thinking that's preventing my client from moving forward. When I encounter an internal obstacle, I use Core Energy CoachingTM skills; and ask powerful open-ended questions to help my clients expand their thinking and navigate their way forward. I find this creates a sustainable solution for my client.

An external obstacle is often based on inexperience in some business fundamental that my client is unaware. I educate my client on the critical business fundamental they are overlooking.

I combine both of these techniques in my business coaching style to ensure my business owner clients achieve the success they desire.

Results vary from client to client based on their stated goals in our coaching relationship. In coaching business owners, most of my clients achieve financial results in excess of fees they pay me as their coach. My clients improve their business by: creating a positive work-life balance, improved sales and marketing systems, higher profit margins, improved customer service, growing their business, improved leadership and delegation and selling their business.

If you engage in a free Discovery Session, I give you a specific proposal after that session that will articulate exactly what results you can expect to achieve.

Group coaching takes on one of two directions: 1) training; and 2) masterminds.

If the group is relatively new in business, we perform a training group that has a specific topic each week that includes training as well as homework.

If the group is more established, they will bring their challenges to the group and we will help each other solve business issues together.

Regardless of the type of group, I've found that group coaching tends to be the most affordable and sustainable option for most business owners.

We collect individual applications for groups.  Once we receive the application, you will be contacted immediately to know what groups are being created.

Here are guidelines we use to create groups:

1) You will be in a group of similar sized business owners.

2) You will not be put in a group with a direct competitor or vendor.

3) You will always be told who is in the group you plan to join so that you can decide if you're in or out.

You can quit the group any time you want, but we encourage all applicants to give it at least a year before them decide to leave.

I conduct most individual coaching sessions virtually over Zoom calls.  You can choose whether or not you want to use video on your Zoom call.  

Most group coaching sessions are conducted in person.  This means that you will need to live in Northern Colorado and have easy access to our group meeting room in Fort Collins, Colorado.

That said, I will consider in-person individual coaching if I don't travel too far and will consider group coaching sessions via Zoom, if we get enough people who want to use this medium for group coaching sessions.

“Jeff was a great resource to get my coaching business started. He helped me get through some tough times when work wasn’t going well. I continue to keep in perspective the positive energy he encouraged me to focus on when dealing with challenges. He helped me create a vision for my business. I definitely recommend him as a coach to work with if you are starting your own business.”

Kevin Coates
Owner, Grateful Soul Coaching

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