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Business Mechanics & Mindset

How Your Thoughts Create or Sabotage Your Business Success

Whether your business is a great success or on the verge of failure, you constantly worry about it. What if you knew that you can choose the thoughts you use in business... and that those thought choices will make the difference in your business success and determine how content you are with life?  What if you learn how showing up differently in life will compel your employees, customers, spouse and children to follow you, instead of fight you?  Replace worry with excitement and hope! 

Jeff Schuster, the founder of Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching has combined his Core Energy CoachingTM expertise, with decades of business ownership experience into his latest book, "Business Mechanics & Mindset: How Your Thoughts Create or Sabotage Your Business Success".  In his book, Jeff clearly outlines the seven necessary components to any successful business.  He connects the most important cog in your business machine... YOU.  Finally, Jeff demonstrates how your thoughts and emotions directly impact these critical components of your business and life. 

If you want to better understand how Core Energy CoachingTM principles can help your business, you must read Business Mechanics & Mindset. 

* Core Energy CoachingTM is a trademark belonging to the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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Free Business Guides

Energize Your Business eBook

You don’t know why, but for some reason, you just don’t seem to have as much drive and energy as you use to.

Most business owners grow their business by pure force. As a successful employee you worked hard and your hard work paid off. Why shouldn't it be the same when you own a business? If you think hard work is all it takes to succeed in business, you'll burn-out and be a jerk boss. Find out how your attitude impacts your happiness and your ability to motivate those around you to take responsibility.

Finding Affordable Business Help eBook

They say, “It’s lonely at the top.” Most business owners have few people to turn to for help. This leads to endlessly searching the internet for answers. After being an entrepreneur for over 20-years and getting help from several different sources, I learned that you can dramatically accelerate your learning curve through human connection with experienced business professionals. Sadly, many new entrepreneurs are reluctant to seek out help because they're convinced it's too expensive.

I published this simple guide to help business owners find the help they need at a cost they can afford. Each resource in this guide is defined with their inherent pros and cons along with the price you'll pay to hire them.

Set Goals & Time Management eBook

Have you felt like you're spinning your wheels with no direction in your life? Do you reflect back on the past week thinking, "what a waste!"? Do you lack a personal vision or corporate vision that motivates you on a daily basis?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this guide is for you.  You'll learn how to create a vision, then create goals that serve that vision, and then tasks that serve each goal so that you can be confident that your daily and weekly tasks are leading you where that you want to go.

6-Skills Every Solopreneur MUST Have to Succeed eBook

As I've coached small business owners, it became clear that most small business owners were lacking basic business knowledge. It didn’t matter if they were restaurant owners, plumbers, financial planners, chiropractors or accountants. These gaps dramatically limited their ability to create the wealth they desired.

The six gap areas I’m referring to are: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Vision, Formation and Execution. If you read this eBook, you'll find out why each skills is imperative to your business success.

5-Part Formula to Business Success

If you've ever tried dieting, you may have reduced your calories by 20% for a few weeks. You're going to see some results. But, the minute you return to your old patterns, the results disappear.

Temporary changes generate temporary results. Sustainable results require changes in behavior; the removal of old habits and creation of new ones. Running a business is no different. To develop sustainable success, you need to develop discipline around five basic principles: 1) More Leads; 2) More Conversions; 3) More Transactions; 4) Higher Prices; and 5) More Profits.


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