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Core Energy
Business Coach

Powerful Business Coaching that Works

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Increased Sales

By executing reliable sales processes that deliver value to your customers and growth to your company.

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By streamlining processes and improving delegation so that you have more time to do what you want in life.

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Clarity & Confidence

By creating a clear vision and then aligning business achievements with your business and personal visions.

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Personal Wealth

By creating sufficient margin, cash flow and wealth generation that results from a profitable business.

Coaching from Experience

I started, grew and sold a multi-million-dollar engineering and construction business, called Ennovate Corporation, over a 16-year period. I started in a home office and grew to 30 employees in four states.


After selling Ennovate Corporation, I wanted to help other small business owners achieve multi-million-dollar success.

I've helped a variety of service-based business owners including: energy service companies (ESCo's), restauranteurs, engineers, contractors, acupuncturists, child-care providers, small manufacturers, inventors, therapists, insurance agencies, realtors, dog walkers, life coaches, information technology services, wellness consultants, mortgage brokers, life safety service providers, and others.

I help each business owner in a different way depending on what that owner needs. Some business owners are talented with numbers and terrible with people. Others find it easy to create but difficult to sell. Each industry and each business owner has unique challenges.

I offer a robust suite of services to grow your business: 1) individual coaching; 2) business consulting; 3) group coaching; and 4) online business training.

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What Clients Say

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Joe Staib
CEO & Owner, Enabled Energy, Inc.

I have known and worked with Jeff for many years. Our paths reconnected several years ago when I asked Jeff to get involved in my company's Advisory Board. As usual, Jeff went above and beyond the call of duty during that engagement. Since that time, Jeff has worked with many of the leaders on my team. We have enjoyed much growth in our thinking, decision making, and overall corporate performance. I can't recommend Jeff enough! You can count on Jeff being thoughtful, thorough, creative, and both strategic and tactical at the same time. Chances are he's been where you are and can help you get to the next step.

Kelly Klohs Grady
Owner, Tender Loving Carats

Jeff listens to your needs. He made my business more efficient with less stress! The systems he helped me put in place are genius. I take home twice as much money and work half as much. He knows how to help you make & save more money. I was a very mom & pop, paper receipt kind of girl… scared of computer spreadsheets, paperwork, taxes, & hiring someone to help. Jeff made it all easier, more organized, and calmed me down.

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Lisa Stull, MS, LMFT, CGT
Owner, Comprehensive Counseling Solutions, LLC

Jeff helped me to learn the difference between managing my business to becoming an entrepreneur. I went from a solo psychotherapy practice, to running The Center for Well-Being, a wellness leasing company, owning Aesthetics 360 Face and Body Center, with 9 employees focused on helping people look and feel their best, and added a therapist to my psychotherapy practice. I'm now a full Entrepreneur!! Thank you, Jeff, highly recommend his straight forward, challenging approach to help you achieve your goals.

Four Steps to Success

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Step #1

We get to know each other, your business challenges and determine if I can help you get to where you want to go.

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Step #2

We agree to a coaching relationship for a minimum of six months (1X, 2X or 4X per month).

Step #3

You complete a business mindset and mechanics assessments to establish a foundation and set specific goals.

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Step #4
Get Results

You will make measurable progress in each coaching session. You will grow your business and fully enjoy life.

There are a lot of people out there who call themselves Business Coaches. I want to tell you why my approach will be the best for you.

💙 First, I only coach people I can genuinely help. If I can't help you, I'll find someone who can. 

💙 Second, I have decades of experience starting, growing and selling a multi-million-dollar business. This experience allows you to "learn the easy way."

💙 Third, I'm a Certified Life Coach who can help you overcome limiting beliefs and improve the emotional intelligence you need to succeed in business and life.

💙 Fourth, I advise you on proven business principles to give you confidence in your business direction.

💙 Fifth, I use proven coaching processes that help my clients quickly achieve business success. 

Don't tolerate mediocrity in your business or your life any longer.

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A Proven Approach

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I'd love to hear from you

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