Products & Services

We serve startup and established business owners with products and services that are unique for business owners at every stage of their development.  Each product or service combines the mechanics of running any business the RIGHT way; with the mindset that it takes to succeed in a challenging small business environment.

If you're a member of any chamber of commerce, you can use the coupon code CHAMBER at checkout to get an additional 20% off any product or service.

Online Courses

The Business Confidence Course includes 47 training videos, workbooks, training manuals, group coaching and tools to help any business owner understand finance, marketing, sales, vision, business formation and business execution.  This training is a low-cost monthly membership that you can cancel at any time.  You can blaze through all 47 training modules in a single month; or take an entire year.  It's your choice!

Transitioning from the person who did everything to delegating tasks to others is harder than it sounds.  Most small business owners started out as great workers; and must learn how to lead others in order to grow their company.  Leadership Matters contains four powerful training modules that will teach you how to become the leader your company needs you to be.

Business Coaching

A FREE discovery session is a chance for you to connect with with a professional business coach in person to have a no-obligation discussion about which direction would be best for you to take with your business and yourself.  In this session, you will be asked deep questions about your hopes, dreams and fears.  If we can help, we'll offer one or two of our services.  If another professional can help, we will refer you to them.  If you need no help, we will encourage you. The session is 30-minutes and there is absolutely no obligation.

We offer several different forms of group coaching.  Mastermind groups and Topical Coaching groups.  Both of these types are offered either virtually over a group Zoom call that you can do over the privacy and convenience of your office; or in-person group sessions, if you happen to live in Northern Colorado.  In either case, you will get to work on your business within a small group of business owner colleagues who share your pain and your successes.

Individual coaching allows you to work intensely on your business with a certified business coach.  We offer three different individual coaching frequencies so that you can move fast or gradually with whatever you're trying to work on with your business or personal life.  You pick the topic to be worked on in each coaching session so you are guaranteed to make progress in every coaching session and between sessions with assigned homework.


Business Mechanics & Mindset Book

Jeff Schuster, the founder of Mechanics & Mindset Business coaching wrote a book entitled Business Mechanics & Mindset that describes our coaching approach in detail and helps you understand how you can control your thoughts, emotions and learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.  

Public Speaking

We don't want to keep all of our knowledge to ourselves.  In fact, we love speaking about mindfulness and practical approaches to making a lasting impact on the wealth and freedom of small business owners everywhere. 


We lead a local networking group that meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month called Business Networks.  It's a meetup group called Business Networks that is held at Gryphon Gaming at Shields and Drake in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It's FREE and is open to anyone who wants to attend.  You get to meet a lot of fantastic people who will refer you to others who need what you're selling.


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