Online Business Training

Our training platform is loaded with online business training for any level of business owners. It doesn't matter if you lead an engineering firm, a plumbing contractor or a restaurant. You'll gain the business knowledge you need to be successful. You learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office, at whatever time is convenient to you.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching allows you to work on your business with a certified business coach. Three different individual coaching frequencies are available so that you can move as fast as you feel comfortable. You pick the topic to be worked on in each coaching session so you're guaranteed to make progress in every coaching session.

Group Coaching

Group business coaching allows a group of small business owners help each other identify and solve challenges together. Each member of the group highlights a challenge they want to resolve in their business. The group helps them through open-ended questions and suggestions. You'll be amazed at how many problems you solve in your own business while helping a fellow business owner. 



Jeff Schuster wrote and published his book entitled Business Mechanics & Mindset: How Your Thoughts Can Create or Sabotage Your Business Success. In his book, Jeff helps business owners understand how to think differently about eight aspects of their business life that will make the difference in business success or failure.

Public Speaking

Jeff hosts several workshops and seminars during the year that help business owners in all stages. He speaks to groups of entrepreneurs on mindset topics, core energy coaching concepts, and leadership in the modern workplace. He is available for keynote speeches as well.


Jeff leads a local networking group that meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.  It's a Meetup group called Business Networks that's held at Gryphon Gaming at Shields and Drake in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It's FREE and open to anyone who wants to attend. You get to meet a lot of fantastic people who will refer you to others who need what you're selling.


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