The mechanics & mindset assessment is comprised of two online assements (mechanics assessment and mindset assessment); and a three hour debrief session. The mindset assessment will enlighten you on how you are showing up in life and business in different situations. You will learn the seven energy levels and how you can pick the one that will help you accomplish business objectives. The mechanics assessment helps you investigate eight critical aspects of your business identify areas of improvement as well as areas of success. The debrief session will result in an action plan that connects your true life goals with your business objectives.

Mechanics & Mindset Assessment

  • Once you've made your purchase, you will be sent an e-mail with two links for two assessments: 1) mechanics assessment; and 2) mindset assessment.

    The mechanics assessment is eight open-ended questions about eight critical areas of your business. Please answer each question with as much relevant detail as possible.

    The mindset assessment is an Energy Leadership Index assessment or an ELI. This assessment will ask questions designed to illustrate how you "show up" in your business and life. 

    After you've completed both assessments, you will receive the results of your ELI. You will then be sent an e-mail to schedule a three hour debrief session(s) to go over your assessment results. You can schedule three hours of debrief sessions in one single 3-hour session or three 1-hour sessions.

    The first hour is a debrief of your mechanics assessment and will highlight strengths, weaknesses, oportunities and threats within your business mechanics.

    The second hour will debrief your business mindset. You will learn about Core Energy and how your attitude is manifesting itself in your thought process about work, people, customers and life. 

    The third hour is a planning session that takes the findings in both assessments and creates an action plan to grow your business in a way that serves your life mission.

    When you've completed this entire process, you will have a clear picture of how your business intersects with your life and how to shift energy levels at will to create the success you want in your business and your life.