Become a Great Leader without Spending a Fortune

If you manage a group of people or want to get a promotion to a management position, you NEED formal leadership training. If you've shopped around, you've found that most professional leadership programs cost upwards of $3,000, don't teach you what you really need to learn, and take months to complete.

Leadership Matters is a professional leadership training program that will teach you the skills you need with a proven training process in a week. 

Trustworthy Ally

Students learn to accept responsibility and accountability to take the initiative to complete their work without constant support.

Team Leader

Managers learn to create high-performance teams that increase productivity of their organization by up to five times.

People Person

Students learn how to train and motivate others through proven communication, coaching and conflict resolution techniques.

Proven and Time-Tested Leadership Principles

For managers to be successful, they must understand people and systems that have been demonstrated to work for decades. The Leadership Matters training program will help them get off to a great start.

Leadership Matters uses an approach that successfully trains managers in any industry. We combine four different training techniques any of which is guaranteed to be effective for managers in your business. We will introduce managers to four proven areas of training that help leaders build productive relationships with their team members.

Four Teaching Methods

Every student learns in a different way. Leadership Matters uses multiple teaching methods to ensure new managers gain the knowledge they need to become effective leaders.

Video Training

Five professional, internet, video training modules allow students to learn in the convenience of their homes or office. They may replay or review training at any time.

Written Training Manuals

None of us want to try to find the place in the video we want to review, so a fully illustrated 70-page PDF training manual is included with Leadership Matters.

E-Mail Correspondence

Enrollment in the Leadership Matters training series allows students to e-mail the instructor to ask any questions to understand hot to apply leadership principles taught in the course.

In-Person Coaching

After students have completed the course, they have a complimentary coaching session with a professional business coach, via a Zoom call to gain insight on their leadership challenges.

Four Leadership Skills

Each student will learn four specific leadership skills they’ll use for a lifetime in their management career.

Team Formation

Students learn the team formation process of forming, storming, norming and performing. They will gain specific tools for conflict resolution and process improvement.

Leveraging Personalities

Students will learn how to identify and leverage each personality type in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Students will gain access to a free assessment .

Empowering Your Team

Students will learn how to train and then delegate responsibilities to team members. Students will learn to direct and to empower their staff to create optimum control and freedom within their teams.

Energizing Your Team

Students will learn how to motivate themselves and their team members. They will gain the tools Core Energy Coaches use to take the initiative to make the best decisions in any circumstance.

Leadership Matter Includes

When you enroll you get a dedicated, password-protected training account with:

  • 1 - 70-Page Illustrated Training Manual
  • 1 - Introductory video explaining the value of leadership
  • 4 - Leadership Skill training videos
  • 6 - Management Tools
  • 1 - Final Exam

If you pass your final exam with a grade greater than 70%, you will receive:

  • 1 - official, personalized Certificate of Completion
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence
  • 1 - Hour In-Person Coaching Session with a Leadership Mentor via Zoom

Leadership Matters is "Fortune-100 quality leadership training" at a small business price.

Reveal the Great Leader in You

Leaders aren't born, they're trained. This is your opportunity to become the leader, you've always wanted to be.

Similar online leadership training programs cost around $3,000 and don't cover nearly the content. Leadership Matters is being offered for $397 for lifetime access to the program. Please take advantage of this price while it lasts.