My Story

I started, grew and sold a multi-million-dollar business over a 16-year period.  After taking on a leadership position in the company that acquired mine for a short time, I realized that my true passion was building businesses.  Frankly, I was not that excited about building another business of my own that didn't directly help other small business owners achieve multi-million-dollar successes.

As I coached small business owners in my practice, I realized that some had "mechanical" deficiencies that would prevent them from growing while others struggled with "mindset" challenges.  Almost all of them were afraid to grow.  As a trained engineer, I couldn't resist... I created a systematic process to quickly expose mechanics and mindset challenges experienced by any small business owner.  I then lift my clients out of the role of "doing" and into the role of "leading" their businesses.   I've created several products and services that combine my mechanics and mindset approach into affordable products and services to help anyone build the multi-million-dollar business of their dreams quickly.

If you want to have a casual conversation with me to uncover the potential that lies in you and your business, schedule a free 1-hour discovery session.


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