Group coaching is a way that business owners within the group can help each other navigate business challenges together.  Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching offers three different choices.

1st - Type of Group

The three forms of group coaching are: 1) Topical Groups,  2) Combination Groups, and 2) Mastermind Groups.

2nd - Format of Group

We offer two formats of group coaching: 1) In-Person Groups, and 2) Virtual Groups.  in-person groups are currently only available in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Virtual groups meet through a video conference call so that you can connect from anywhere with your computer during the live group session.

3rd - Speed of Group

We offer three different speeds: One meeting per month (Monthly); Two meetings per month (Bimonthly); or Four meetings per month (Quadruple).  The more often the group meets the faster it moves through content.  The quadruple topical group will finish the Business Confidence Course 11-Sessions under 3-months; while the Bimonthly group will complete the same content in 6-months; and the Monthly group will take a year to complete all topics.  The key is the match 

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1st - Type of Group

Topical Group means that a topic will be presented at the start of the group and the group will discuss that specific topic. Topics are based on the 11-topics found in the Business Confidence Course that include: 1) Money Mindset; 2) Accounting; 3) Financial Forecasting; 4) Marketing Foundation; 5) Marketing Strategy; 6) Marketing Tactics; 7) Sales; 8) Vision; 9) Business Formation; 10) Business Planning & 11) Business Execution. Each topical meeting will cover these topics in the order described.

Combination Group is a Topical format with every other meeting being general. For instance, a topic meeting on Money Mindset will be meeting #1, while meeting #2 will be a general meeting designed to address any questions participants are having with issues that are not necessarily related to each topic. Then meeting #3 will be on the topic of Accounting. This means that a combination format will take twice as long as a topical meeting format to move through all of the topics, but it will cover many other relevant issues along the way.

Mastermind is a group meeting where each participant will bring up their specific issue to the group. The group will then ask questions about the topic to better understand the true problem and then make recommendations based on what they heard. Each participant will get a chance to have their issue heard in each mastermind session.

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2nd - Format of Group

In-Person Format means our group will meet at a specific meeting room at each appointed meeting time.  While many prefer face-to-face communication, it does mean that you'll have to drive, find parking and put some clothes on :)  Currently, the only available in-person groups are held at 100 S. College Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Virtual Format means that we meet in a Zoom meeting room.  In a Zoom meeting room, we can see each other through web cameras and hear each other through our computer's microphones.  You have the option to mute your microphone or turn off your camera, if you choose.  Virtual meetings allow you to connect from your computer where you may be working on your business.  We can share screens so that we can see your work and you can see examples of others's work live.

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3rd - Speed of Group

Monthly means that the group will meet once a month.  If the group is a topical group, it will take a year to complete all lessons in the business confidence course. (Cost is $67 per Month)

Bimonthly means the group will meet twice a month.  If the group is a topical group, it will take six months to complete the Business Confidence Course material. (Cost is $127 per Month)

Quadruple means the group will meet four times per month.  If the group is a topical group, it will complete the Business Confidence Course material in less than three months. (Cost is $247 per Month)

The good thing about going fast is that you will retain your training from meeting to meeting.  The challenge with going fast is that group coaching will occupy a lot of your time and you may not have time to fully apply principles to your business between meetings.  What pace you ultimately choose is up to you.

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The Process of Getting into a Group

Starting a group and collecting the right members into a group is a process.  That's why we ask that you apply to join a group.  You will be asked basic information about your business and the type, format and speed of the group you prefer.  You will also be asked what time of day works best for your group meetings.  We then put business owners we feel will work best together into a group and notify you that a group is ready to go.

Regardless of the type of group you join, you will have access to our Business Confidence Course online training systems as long as you remain a member of your group.

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