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We need a few pieces of information to make sure you are in a group that works best for you.  As soon as we receive your form, we'll notify you on schedule and selection of other group members.  Completing this application doesn't obligate you to anything.

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* Desired Group Type

Topical Group means that a topic will be presented at the start of the group and the group will discuss that specific topic.  Topics are based on the 11-topics found in the Business Confidence Course that include: 1) Money Mindset; 2) Accounting; 3) Financial Forecasting; 4) Marketing Foundation; 5) Marketing Strategy; 6) Marketing Tactics; 7) Sales; 8) Vision; 9) Business Formation; 10) Business Planning & 11) Business Execution.  Each topical meeting will cover these topics in the order described.  

Combination Group is a Topical format with every other meeting being general.  For instance, a topic meeting on Money Mindset will be meeting #1, while meeting #2 will be a general meeting designed to address any questions participants are having with issues that are not necessarily related to each topic.  Then meeting #3 will be on the topic of Accounting.  This means that a combination format will take twice as long as a topical meeting format to move through all of the topics, but it will cover many other relevant issues along the way.

Mastermind is a group meeting where each participant will bring up their specific issue to the group.  The group will then ask questions about the topic to better understand the true problem and then make recommendations based on what they heard.  Each participant will get a chance to have their issue heard in each mastermind session.

What to Expect After You Submit this Form

Creating a business coaching group is a process.  Once we receive your application, we will immediately communicate with you on the scheduling of the next group that fits your criteria. We require a group is comprised of at least 3-people and no more than 12-people.  Once we have the required number of people we will send you an offer to complete payment for your specific group.  You will be billed monthly for whatever group you select.


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