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Business Coaching

Mindset & Mechanics

Successful Business Mechanics

Mechanics defines the way a successful business must operate and is consistent across all industries. Mechanics includes: Financial Planning, Sales, Marketing, Systems, and Processes.

As a long-time business veteran, our founder has expertise in finance, accounting, marketing, sales, operations, administration, contracting, and business planning. When we coach someone on the mechanics of their business we analyze and help our clients gain business knowledge.

Successful Business Mindset


Mindset refers to a person's ability to perceive the truth outside of their thoughts. The more stressful a situation becomes, the less likely we are to recognize the truth of our situation. Therefore, we're less likely to make the best decisions in our business and our personal lives.

When we coach someone on mindset issues, we use Core Energy life-coaching skills to help our clients think about their challenges and opportunities on a deeper level. Once they have this awareness, they're able to make sound business and life decisions.

Topical Groups

A topical group meets twice a month and is limited to no more than 12-members.  In the first monthly meeting, I introduce a topic along with a brief presentation on the topic to the group.  Each member then discusses how they're currently implementing this topic in their business; and where they may need help.  At the end of the first meeting each member has action items to complete in their business to make positive change in the topic selected.  In the second meeting, each member talks about their experience with the change.  We change the topic each month so that by the end of a year, each business owner has made meaningful change in their business.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions allow for a more private and intimate coaching experience.  I start each individual coaching contract with an Energy Leadership Index assessment (ELI). I follow this up with regular coaching sessions.  In each session, the business owner describes what they'd like to work on, and we work through their specific topic.  At the end of the session, my client gets homework that they can use to create progress in their business on that topic.  Individual coaching sessions allow me to focus more on mindset issues than any other coaching approach.  I offer three individual coaching session frequencies: 1X per month; 2X per month and 4X per month.  The more frequent the meetings, the faster the progress.

Mastermind Groups

A mastermind group is a facilitated group of fellow entrepreneurs helping each other out with challenges in their business.  A mastermind group is limited to 12-members.  In a single meeting, up to three people will sit on the "hot seat".  When on the "hot seat", the member tells the rest of the group the challenge they'd like help on.  The rest of the groups asks clarifying questions and then offers solutions to their fellow member.  The great things about masterminds is that you often will solve your own problem by helping a colleague with their problem.  Mastermind groups meet for two-hours twice a month.

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