Business Basics Group Coaching

Fort Collins, Colorado - Information Meeting on January 22nd

Stop expecting Google to help you with your business!

Do you have doubts because no one ever taught you how to do business?

Are you struggling with a small business startup?

Did you become an accidental business owner and now you're lost?

What can you learn that can grow your business NOW?

Learn skills with other business owners in a dynamic environment to improve sales, finances, growth and direction of your company by applying business principles that work.

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Wednesday, January 29th 4:00 pm; 100 S College Ave., Fort Collins, Colorado

What topics are included in group coaching?


  • Develop a successful business money mindset
  • Learn to price your products and services for optimize personal wealth
  • Create financial forecasts that give you peace of mind as you grow your business
  • Get free financial forecasting tools


  • Create an elevator speech that won't leave you fumbling for words in a networking meeting
  • Learn to attracts as many prospective clients as you can handle
  • Learn to use social media, joint ventures and other tactics that work for your industry
  • Learn to market like a pro with a shoestring budget


  • Learn the language that converts leads into high-paying customers
  • Learn to confidently sell yourself
  • Create your own sales process that helps you close consistently

Vision / Time Management

  • Create a vision that compels you to act
  • Learn to manage and prioritize time to focus on tasks that matter most

Business Formation

  • Learn which legal formation is best to manage personal risk and minimize taxes
  • Learn when it's best to hire employees or contract to others
  • Find out when it's prudent to protect yourself with patents, copyrights, and trademarks

Planning & Executing

  • Learn to create a skeleton business plan that works
  • Learn what it takes to successfully execute your business plan
  • Learn how to scale up your business without creating more work for you

What will you get?

  1. 59 - Professional training videos (watch anytime)
  2. Training manuals & workbooks for each lesson
  3. Weekly in-person meetings with experienced business coach
  4. A close-knit group who helps each other succeed.
  5. Network with other business professionals

Who's leading the group?

Jeff Schuster

Jeff Schuster - Business Coach

Jeff started, grew and sold a multi-million-dollar business over a 16-year period. After selling his company, he realized that his true passion was helping other small business owners  achieve multi-million-dollar successes.

Jeff has been masterful at combining sound business mechanics borne from experience with effective Core Energy CoachingTM tools acquired as a certified life coach.  His broad skill set has allowed him to help his business-owner clients grow to levels they once thought impossible. Jeff is an accomplished and entertaining facilitator and teacher who finds innovative ways to teach emerging entrepreneurs practical business skills.

"Jeff helped me move from a top producing sales person to the position of sales management. Through his coaching, he showed me a path to success. His energy assessment tool is simply amazing and can help you figure out what changes or moves you need to make to create your dream life."
          -Anson Thompson, Insurance Company

"I began working with Jeff when my business was still in its infancy. Jeff helped me to see beyond the hectic day to day tasks and develop a future-focused lens for my business. As the result of Jeff’s patient and knowledgeable support, I'm now proactively planning for growth rather than reacting to constantly changing conditions."       
        -Mark Hamilton - Counselor

Meeting Calendar - Wednesdays 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

May 2020 - BREAK

By investing a few hours a week working ON your business, you will see amazing improvements;

  • raise your prices with confidence that you're still delivering stellar value 
  • learn how to attract new customers to your business at will
  • articulate your selling message with clarity and convert interested prospects into high-paying customers 
  • finally learn how to prioritize time between work and home life
  • become the business professional, you've always known you could be
  • create a compelling business plan that propels you instead of bogs you down

Are you ready to work on your business?

RSVP to the FREE Business Basics Group Coaching Information Meeting

Wednesday, January 29th 4:00 pm; 100 S College Ave., Fort Collins, Colorado

"Jeff understands business and the people it takes to run it. I’ve learned a different and better way to approach my challenges in business and in life. Thank you Jeff for teaching me a new way to improve myself and my business."

-Baltazar Peña, Restaurateur

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