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Gary Energizes Happy Heating - So What?

Dec 24, 2019

{This blog post is part of an ongoing series of posts that tell a story.  If you haven't read the previous posts, you will be lost.  Here is the first post in this series.}

I feel it’s important to connect the fictional story I just told you through seven blog posts that walked you through Gary's story as a business owner.

The story of Gary Lindberg and Coach Russ was intended to illustrate the direct benefits of shifting your thinking and the thinking of your employees as a business owner.  While these shifts are quite possible and certainly real, I need to clarify how core energy coaching works in practice.

In most cases, a business owner has a specific issue which compels them to seek out coaching.  In almost 90% of the cases, this issue they have identified is a ‘symptom’ of limited thinking and not a root cause of the challenges they are experiencing in their business.  In the case of Gary Lindberg, he believed that poor sales performance and a bad economy would doom his business to failure which led him to seek out help.

As a core energy coach, I first start my clients with an Energy Leadership Index assessment (ELI).  In the ELI, you answer questions that quickly assess where you are currently with your thoughts and feelings.  Yes, you analytical thinkers have feelings whether you acknowledge them or not.

As you read in this story, Gary ended up working on seven specific categories of his business: 1) Operations (led by Oliver); 2) Marketing (led by Margaret); 3) Sales (led by Sally); 4) People (led by Penny); 5) Finance; 6) Growth; and 7) Legacy.  After the ELI, I dig into whichever one of these seven business topics tend to be most affecting the success of your business.  If multiple department leaders are involved, I often extend my conversations to others, but always focus on improving my business owner client’s ability to lead his own department heads.   In addition to these seven business spokes, I also include an energetic evaluation of the personal life of a business owner as well, as this can dramatically affect an owner’s ability to lead in their business affairs.

After these initial evaluations of energy and business, I then coach my clients on a periodic basis.  This coaching is usually over the phone or online video conferencing to minimize the time commitment and it is either once a month, twice a month or four times a month.  Each coaching session starts with a simple question, “What would you like to work on today?”.  After the topic is selected by my client, we identify specific self-talk and energy around the selected topic.  We discuss how to look at that same topic from different viewpoints to make decisions from a place of truth.  In almost all cases, some mechanical change to the business is necessary to realize the full benefit of the shift in mindset.  I then check in with my clients to help them be accountable for making the shifts they desire with their business.

Many of my clients experience epiphanies that result in true personal growth and company growth.  Unlike the story I just shared, there are setbacks:

  • Disbelief: Some clients fail to fully engage with a belief that changing their mindset will change their performance and thus fall back into comfortable ways of thinking and acting. 
  • Backsliding: While Gary Lindberg in my story would question Russ’s energy ideas, he tended to embrace them from year to year as part of his thinking and his company’s operation.  Some clients will take a few coaching sessions before they understand how their thinking is affecting their business and take a little longer to move forward than my fictional Gary Lindberg character.
  • Group Buy-In: In this story, Sally, Penny and Oliver, Gary’s core management team were relatively quick to buy into the ideas that Gary was advocating as their boss.  This type of easy buy-in is rarely the case.  In some cases, I coach employees along with business owners, and in other cases, I teach my business owner clients how to coach their employees.  In all cases, employees need to be educated along with the business owner on the principles of energy.

This third item is quite important.  If you are a Level 6 owner and you hire a Level 2 employee, you will have to adjust your language to shift that employee to Level 3, then Level 4, etc.  At every shift, it is not you who is doing the shifting, but the employee making a conscious decision to move to the next level.  At some point, people choose to stay where they are… and there is little you can do to change their mind.

If an employee remains at a level that doesn’t serve your company, you need to decide if that individual will be best for your organization or will be a better fit someplace else.  In the real world of business, not every business owner shifts, nor does every employee.

One other thing that I believe is quite important.  None of us tend to live at one energy level consistently as I portrayed in this story.  Instead, we tend to move around energy levels and will choose different levels for different situations, or interactions with different people.  Some business owners are at Level 3 at work while they may be at Level 2 at home.  Others may be the opposite.  Once you become aware of how your thinking in different situations, you are better able to control your thinking in a way that will benefit you and those around you in every situation.

I hope that you have learned a little about Core Energy Coaching in this story.  If you’re a business owner, you are welcome to reach out to me any time to see what resources are available to help you make the most of your business ownership journey.  My website at the writing of this blog series is www.mmbizcoach.com

Core Energy Coaching™ and all core energy concepts described in this post are registered trademark belonging to Bruce Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)


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