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Gary Energizes Happy Heating - Level 7 - "Winning & Losing Don't Matter"

Dec 23, 2019

{This blog post is part of an ongoing series of posts that tell a story.  If you haven't read the previous posts, you will be lost.  Here is the first post in this series.}

“By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you've achieved - and perhaps learned through a few mistakes, stumbles and losses - you actually can enhance everything about you. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.” ~ Jack Canfield

Russ had continued to coach Gary and had started coaching many of the business leaders throughout the HVAC Consortium.  The impact that Gary and Happy Heating’s employees had on this industry was unbelievable and Russ would routinely congratulate Gary on his ability to successfully shift from Level 5 to Level 6 energy in his business dealings.

It had now been 10-years since Russ had started coaching Gary.

In one of their sessions, Gary said, “Russ, I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped me over the past 10-years.  When Happy Heating had reached Level 5, I really didn’t think things could have gotten any better, but as soon as we became part of a larger community, our company’s culture exploded.  I can’t imagine there is a higher energy level for Happy Heating.”

Russ smiled, “Gary, there are a total of seven levels of energy.”

Gary chuckled, “Okay… Let me have it.  What is Level 7 energy?”

“Level 7 Energy is Total Awareness and it is 100% anabolic in nature.  In other words, there is no tearing down, only building up at Level 7.  But I must be honest, few people, let along organizations can sustain this level for any period of time.”

Gary looked confused, “Russ, no matter how much I think I know what is coming next as we discuss energy levels, you always surprise me.  What on earth is ‘Total Awareness’?”

Russ took a deep breath and started, “As you moved up through the lower energy levels into the higher levels, you became more and more aware of the possibilities of Happy Heating.  At Level 1, you were ready to file for bankruptcy because you believed that your business would fail because of apathetic employees and a bad economy.  This type of thinking was limited based on your ability to step outside of yourself and see your situation for what it really was.  As you progressed, you became more and more aware of your place in the world and how Happy Heating could contribute to a greater community by Level 6.  In some ways, you have accessed Level 7 energy by creating organizations and concepts that had never existed before.  Level 7 energy could be titled “fearless creator”.  You shed the restrictions you had in lower energy levels to become more aware of a broader HVAC industry within your state.”

“I suppose you’re right, Russ.  While I’m certainly happy with our progress at Level 6 within the HVAC industry, I feel like we didn’t do as much as we could for the poor.”

“Gary, there’s no judgement at Level 6.  You created an atmosphere of philanthropy in an industry that was in desperate need of it.  You helped shift many in the HVAC industry out of worry and fear into hope and optimism.  What you must learn is that wherever you are is where you’re supposed to be.  You have a lot to celebrate at how far you’ve come over the past decade.”

“I suppose.  Russ, I still want to learn more about Level 7.”

“The core thought of Level 7 energy is that ‘winning and losing don’t matter’.”

Gary interrupted, “What?  Why have we been striving so much to improve Happy Heating if it was all for nothing?”

“The improvement that you and others have made with Happy Heating is phenomenal.  I applaud that progress at every opportunity.  However, to call it ‘winning’ is the wrong label.  The notion of winning or losing are defined by us humans to create a type of scoring system that is only relevant at lower energy levels.”

“All the while, Russ, Happy Heating’s revenues have grown rapidly as we have climbed this energy staircase you’ve placed us on.  Isn’t that a type of scoring?”

“The revenue growth that Happy Heating has experienced is certainly a welcome by-product of the shift in perspective you’ve experienced, but it was never a necessary component of your growth.  The reality is that you have also grown the revenues of other HVAC service companies right along with yours in Level 6.”

Gary paused as he let this sink in, “What mechanical change do I need to make with Happy Heating to move to this Level 7?”

Russ stood and gazed out Gary’s office window as he contemplated his answer, “Gary, you’ve come so far in getting your entire industry to Level 6.  There really is no mechanical change to reach Level 7.  As I mentioned, you have touched on Level 7 as you have created many organizations that never existed.  The best you can do is touch Level 7 occasionally, to appreciate where you are.”

Gary seemed almost disappointed.  He had come so far, and just knew there was one more level of growth that he wanted to experience.

Gary said, “Russ, I think I understand, but what can I do to deliberately access Level 7?”

Russ smiled, “There are some ways that you can deliberately access Level 7 energy, and they are 100% mindset activities, not mechanical activities.”

“I’m all ears.”

“To access Level 7, there are techniques many use.  Some call it ‘meditation’.  Others call it ‘prayer’.  Still others call it ‘centering’.  The idea is that you remove your mind from the constant barrage of your day-to-day busyness and clear your thoughts and emotions.”

“As I told you, before Russ, I’m a Christian, so I’m quite used to praying.”

“While prayer is certainly a great way to focus your mind on the target of your prayer, it sometimes lacks the ability to clear your mind of worry.  The reason is that prayer is often used to lift your worries to God.  In some cases, people pray for themselves and ask God to help them fix whatever it is in their life that is troubling them.  In other cases, people pray for healing of a loved one.  Still in other cases, people pray for acceptance of God’s will in their lives.  Each one of these prayers has a different energy level that can be quite therapeutic.  However, none of these types of prayer fully clear your mind.”

“But, Russ, you said that prayer was one way to access Level 7.”

“It is.  However, it must be the right kind of prayer.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s say that you’re ready to present a critical action to be decided on by your HVAC Consortium.  You do research on your action, but you really don’t know the RIGHT direction to go.  You may say a prayer before your meeting that goes something like this, ‘Lord, I pray that our members make the best decision for our group, and for our community of customers regardless of whether it is something I want or not.’  This type of prayer helps to disconnect your ego from an outcome and can help you access Level 7 energy when you present facts for your HVAC Consortium members to make a decision.”

Gary looked a little confused, “What if I feel like there is a specific RIGHT decision that needs to be reached by the HVAC Consortium.  Shouldn’t I explain why my way is the RIGHT way?”

Russ smiled, “Not if you want to access Level 7 energy.  Level 7 include a clear letting go and trusting that your consortium members will make the right decision given the facts.”

“Isn’t it a good thing to advocate for the RIGHT decision every once in a while?”

“Yes, it is.  That’s why Level 7 energy is called ‘Total Awareness’.  If it is the right time to advocate for a position, you will become aware of such a time and act at the level of energy that is appropriate for your situation.”

“What?  Are you saying that I can be at Level 7 and act at Level 2?”

“You got it.  Rarely, will a Level 7 person use a catabolic level like Level 2.  However, if it’s appropriate, then Level 2 it is.”

“Russ, while I’m familiar with prayer, I’m not as familiar with ‘centering’ and ‘meditation’.”

“Centering is a type of clearing your mind.  A typical centering exercise involves relaxing music and a narrator that talks you through breathing and mind-clearing exercises.  I have several audio recordings I can forward you, if you’re interested.”

“I’d like that. What about meditation?”

“Centering is a form of meditation.  Meditation has the same variations as prayer.  If you meditate on a specific topic, that topic will become foremost in your mind and defeat the purpose of clearing your mind. However, if you do the centering exercises I will give you, you will benefit from the right kind of meditation.”

This time around, Russ didn’t interview others in the company, nor was there any attempt to shift Happy Heating to Level 7 energy.  Gary recognized that such a shift would be quite a challenge for him to help everyone.  Instead, Gary focused on creating time and privacy to perform centering exercises daily.  He found that creating a daily routine worked best for him.

Oddly enough, Gary’s attempt to shift to Level 7 on occasion did result in some mechanical changes with Happy Heating.  Gary fully relinquished control of Happy Heating’s operations to Sally.  Sally, Oliver and Penny had been given a share of ownership in Happy Heating as their reward for leading many of the positive changes.

The mechanical changes that Gary made in his life were more personal than corporate.  Gary found himself more engaged in his church community and found himself constantly mentoring and coaching others who wanted to duplicate the shifts that he had made in his life and his business.  Gary found that not only had the changes Russ recommended helped him with his business and his employees, he was also a much different husband and father at home. 

Russ had invited Gary to speak at many workshops and seminars where Russ was presenting the ideas of Core Energy Coaching to other business owners.  When other business owners could see the benefits that modified thinking could do for the life of one of their own, they were interested in climbing the energy ladder themselves.


Identifying Total Awareness Energy

This energy is fleeting, and it’s rarely evident from the outside.  Level 7 is more of a way of thinking and feeling that results in non-ego-based decision making and creation.  The reason that it is not always apparent when it’s happening is because it is difficult for an outsider to see the motives of the person exhibiting positive and seemingly selfless behavior.  The key trait that I look for at Level 7 is “fearlessness”.  In business, this fearlessness is often evident when a business leader is acting in a way that will greatly benefit others at the risk of great personal harm.

Accessing Total Awareness

When many people hear the words “winning and losing don’t matter”, they may get a sense that Level 7 energy is somewhat apathetic.  This is probably as far from the truth as you can get.  Level 7 is a very high state of passion for creation.  The point of the creation is not for a personal win, but rather for a benefit in a large way to the world.  Another mistake many will make about this high anabolic level is that it is only available to the super-wealthy.  After all, how can a poor person affect so many with their meager resources?  This is also a myth.  Some of the poorest people in the world have lived at Level 7 more than those concerned with material wealth.  Mother Teresa was an extremely poor woman and decided to spend her time with even poorer people in Calcutta, India.  And yet, most will agree that Mother Teresa made a great contribution to our world and was an amazing leader and example to follow.

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