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Gary Energizes Happy Heating

Dec 16, 2019

I'll be publishing a series of nine blog posts in nine days.  Each post will tell a story of how Gary turns his business from failure into wild success simply by shifting his mindset.  Each post will show you a completely different company.  This first post will be an introduction before we get into Gary's story.

Creating a successful business is challenging.  You’ve been quoted the statistics a million times.  A large majority of small businesses won’t make it five years.  Why will one business owner succeed while the other will fail?  Why will one create a multi-billion-dollar empire while another will be lucky to reach thirty thousand dollars in annual revenue?  Why is it that you’re working harder than everyone else, and you’re not making progress? 

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there.  I spent 16-Years with a team of employees growing a multi-million-dollar business from nothing.  In this journey I experienced many ups and downs.  I hired consultants for specific engagements to help me along the way, but I never considered changing my thinking in all that time.  After selling my company in 2013, and subsequently resigning as a vice president in the company that acquired my company, I wanted to become a business consultant to help others duplicate the success I had.  A friend of mine recommended that I consider attending a certified life-coach training before I continued with my business consulting practice.  I was simply amazed at how much I had been missing all these years.

You see, while I was certainly successful by most standards, I learned that my thinking had limited my business success in major ways.  The fact is that the company (Ameresco Inc.) that acquired my company was started 3-years after I started my company (Ennovate Corporation).  Ameresco was earning $500 million per year and was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange by the time they made an offer to buy my $10 million per year company.  The two of us business owners were not that different.  We were both engineers.  We both transitioned from technical engineering work to high-performing salesman.  The rest of the difference was primarily our business mindset. 

After resigning Ameresco and gaining my life coaching certification, I merged my life coaching skills with my business knowledge to create my current business coaching practice.  Since 2014, I have coached several business executives and business owners on how to take advantage of these amazing mindset tools.

If someone were to have approached me in the 16-years I owned my business and claimed that by changing my thinking, I could improve my business success, I would have called them a lunatic.  I’m an engineer by schooling and profession, and once thought that all problems had logical solutions.  After coaching small business owners with Core Energy CoachingTM skills, I now know that my logical mind couldn’t have been more wrong.

My business coaching practice uses eight specific categories of performance with an average of seven different attributes per category.  Each attribute is split into mechanical necessities and mindset characteristics.  In total there are close to 3,000 mindset and mechanical items that are relevant to most business owners.  While these attributes, categories and items may be informative to the analytical thinker, they are extremely boring to read about in a blog post.  For this reason, I decided to create a story that illustrates these principles in the life of a real business owner.

The story that’s contained in this blog post series is a story of a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning technical who started a business and reached a modicum of success in his first four years.  At least enough to earn a decent living.  In his fifth year of business the wheels start falling off and he is convinced his source of failure is the economy.  Out of desperation, he hires a business coach who identifies thoughts in himself and his staff that lead this small business on a journey of gradual and deliberate success.

As you read these series of posts, I will walk you through seven distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting as it relates to your business.  These ways of thinking, feeling and acting are called “energy levels”.  I guarantee you that you’ll relate to one of these levels and will better understand the advantages of moving on.  While this is a fictional story, the concepts and results that you can experience by applying Core Energy CoachingTM to your business are quite real.

At the end of each post, I will highlight specific lessons for each energy level.  I will help you identify this level in your own organization, help you understand ways that you can shift your organization to a higher level of energy, and also let you know what will happen with your organization, if you become stuck at any particular lower energy level.

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