For those who are serious about starting and growing a successful business...

"Go from Rookie to BUSINESS PRO in 6-Weeks"


Don't guess at how to start your business...  Write an Awesome Business Plan... and EXECUTE that plan with confidence.

There are 6 areas of business that will make or break your new enterprise. Read on to see what I mean.

With BENEFITS like these...

Financial Confidence

Know what you can spend on expenses. Set the price for your products and services without guessing.

Gain Customers

Follow a step-by-step marketing formula that attracts the prospects you want to gain the high-paying clients you need.

Custom Roadmap

Create a custom business plan in a few weeks that predictably generates the profit you need to thrive.'s no wonder students are RAVING about how our approach to starting a business is a breath of fresh air

Starting a business can be frustrating!

Especially, if this is the first company you’ve tried to start. Right? If you’re like most new business owners,

the last thing you want to do is write a business plan.

I mean, you're starting this business to pay bills and serve others…

…not sit in front of a computer screen all day with spreadsheets. Right?

Here’s the deal. Whether you like it or not…

Startup businesses fail without PLANNING

I’ve coached hundreds of business owners who want me to help them succeed. When I ask, “Do you have a business plan?”…80% of them say NO. Ironically…

…80% of startup businesses in the U.S. fail to make it 3-years.

You figure out if business planning works or not.

The most popular reasons new business owners fail to plan is twofold: 

Excuse #1 - "You're so eager to start chasing customers, you don't have time to plan."

You don’t have time to sit in front of a computer to plan because you're too busy trying to make your business a success; and...

Excuse #2 - "You have no clue what to include in a business plan, so planning is futile."

Deep down inside you know you don’t want to take a 4-year MBA program that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars at your local college...and...

You're rightly suspicious of training programs you find on the internet.

After all, you'll spend hours, days and possibly weeks with training materials that may or may not apply directly to your business.

You're right to be cautious!

You can ask any question on Google to get the answer you want if you run into problems. Right?

Wrong! A Google search will turn up a lot of information. Now, you must pick the right information. Unfortunately,

if you’ve never run a business, it’s impossible to separate the FAKERS from the TRUTH-TELLERS…

...let alone being able to discern which information applies to your business.

Let’s face it, when you’re starting a business,

you don’t know what you don’t know.

This makes it impossible to search the internet and quickly apply search results to grow your business.

Don't worry! If you get the right business training, in the right format, you can quickly create a plan that allows your business to THRIVE.




💠Gain applicable business knowledge that you can apply right away.

💠 Set prices confidently, attracting new customers while optimizing profit

💠Pick the best marketing strategy saving you thousands in advertising

💠 Create the focus on your business profits instead of chasing shiny objects

💠Battle the negative attitude that is sure to come your way


The first imperative in a great training system is for you to quickly learn the information being presented by the teacher.

The next imperative is that you must quickly apply your learned knowledge to plan a business that works.

And finally, you must successfully execute that plan in the real world to generate profit required to grow your business.

If you feel the clock is ticking too fast, while your cash is evaporating, it may be time to get serious about learning how to do business the RIGHT WAY.


When you start a business, you’re entering the unknown. You can’t find the answers with internet searches, because you don’t know the right questions to ask.

You get some amateur advice from family members and friends.

Then you start hustling to make money before your bank account runs dry.

Here’s how that works…

You pay as little as you can for a website, for e-mail service providers, and for any other vendor you need. You then scramble to find customers to buy your products and services.

The clock keeps ticking as you experiment and try different methods to sell your services, but nothing seems to work.

You get a few customers who feel sorry for you and want to help you out, but you’re convinced that you won’t make it through the first year.

Then you try one last effort to take a course in Facebook ads and blow your last $500 on an ad campaign that turns up empty.

This sad story is the tale that 50% of startup companies tell.

Another 40% manage to struggle through a few more years because they found some success before their savings dried up.

The Next Biggest Mistake New Business Owners Make

You always have the option to get free information from the Small Business Administration (SBA) or your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

While these institutions offer low cost or free services,

they don’t offer all the information you need when you need it.

Instead, you’ll have to wait for the next low-cost workshop to come out; or get lucky and be assigned a mentor who knows what he or she is doing.

Most good mentors are unavailable or not experienced in an industry that will do you any good.


You're scrolling through these pages and you're thinking.

Well... You're right!

Writing a business plan is a WASTE OF TIME,

if you don't know what you're doing; or you're following some business planning template you downloaded from the internet.

You spend all that time writing a plan. When you execute your plan you discover...

customers balk at your high prices, or

you can't pay people the low wages you anticipated, or

your office rent is double what you planned...

...and you have to rewrite your entire plan. 

Why bother?

You can end up writing and rewriting your plan so many times, you'll never help your customers.

That's why you started your business in the first place.

"Successful businesses are created WHILE you do your business"

Each element of your business plan must be tested after it's been made. Otherwise, you're wasting your time writing down ideas that will never work in the real world.

This notion that you can write everything down on paper and then magically execute your plan is ludicrous.

And yet, that's what most business planning templates and training systems are telling you.

It's also why you hate blocking out time to write a business plan. You're convinced that writing a plan is a waste of time and won't help you win more customers.


Facts that Prove Business Planning Creates Successful Businesses


1 The top reason small businesses fail is they don't offer a service that customers want or need.

2 The average startup capital requested by startups is $10,000. Whereas the average amount required is $80,000.

3Only 20% of new business owners write a business plan. 80% of business startups fail to make it past 5-years.

You'd much rather watch a Youtube video on a new marketing fad than FOCUS on your business.

So, here you are... 

You want to start a thriving business... know that thriving business owners write business plans... don't want to waste your time writing a plan that won't work...'re convinced you don't have the expertise to write a plan that WORKS...

...and you can't afford to hire an expert to show you what you must do to succeed.

What can you do?



A Step-by-step, TRAINING & BUSINESS PLANNING SYSTEM in ONE so that you can launch your business the RIGHT way... Or Your Money Back.


DETAILED TRAINING that walks you through a step-by-step process to learn and apply business principles to start your business the RIGHT WAY.

Easy to use Workbooks for each lesson so that you can apply learned business principles to YOUR BUSINESS.  Grow your business from your new-found knowledge IMMEDIATELY.

A Financial Planning Tool to predict your monthly and yearly budget. Know your monthly income and expenses so that you eliminate your stress about money.

A Business Planning Document Template to document key elements of your business plan to prove to any financial stake holder that your business is a WISE INVESTMENT.

E-Mail support from a LIVE BUSINESS COACH to answer questions that you have as you go through the training so that you get answers to your questions IMMEDIATELY.

...because your business is YOUR BABY and it can only thrive with DELIBERATE and WISE business planning.

Over 100 students gave Starting Your Business from Scratch 5-stars.  Here's one of the many positive reviews.


Starting Your Business from Scratch is excellent and precise. It’s very clear, real, and useful content! I felt like the information was quite valuable, with clear explanations of business principles. The delivery of the course was very engaging with relevant activities to apply what I learned to my business.


HINT: There are SIX Training Modules LOADED with step-by-step guides to LAUNCH your business.

Module #1

Small Business Finance

Learn how to create a cash generating business  to support you, your family, your employees and provide value to your customers.

The Small Business Finance Training Module is packed with three robust sub-modules that will help you understand money like a business pro.

The first Sub-Module is MONEY MINDSET. Believe it or not,

managing money for a business is very different than managing money in your home budget.

Business owners understand that every expense is an investment that must give them a return on that investment. This module helps you transition your thinking about money in a way that will  launch a profitable business.

The second Sub-Module is ACCOUNTING & FINANCE.

You don't need to be an accountant to run a business, but you do need to have some basic understanding of accounting principles.

In this sub-module, you'll learn how to speak intelligently about your business finances, and how to keep your financial books. You'll even learn how and when to hire bookkeepers and accounts.

Last, and certainly not least, is the FINANCIAL FORECASTING sub-module.

You get a financial forecasting tool to use to create a one year and ten year financial forecast for your business.

You also receive detailed instructions on how to plan your finances, along with detailed tutorials on the proven 11-Step Financial Planning Process.

Module #2

Small Business Marketing

Learn how to create a unique image and message that makes you stand out to attract as many customers as your small business can handle.

Marketing is the act of attracting customers to your product or service. The small business marketing training module will teach you four building blocks to creating a marketing system for your small business that will attract the customers you need.

The first Sub-Module is MARKETING FOUNDATION

The biggest mistake most new business owners make is not being able to succinctly articulate the value of their product or service.

Deep down inside, we know what we do is valuable, but we don't know how to convince others of that value. The Marketing Foundation module will teach you how to create a message that is laser focused on what you do, who you help, and how you help them. 

The second Sub-Module is MARKETING STRATEGY.

The second biggest mistake most new business owners make is that they skip marketing and go straight to selling.

For a customer to buy your product or service...

[1] they must first be aware of your product or service, and

[2] they must then understand how your product or service fixes their problem.

Only then will they be interested in having a "sales conversation". In the Marketing Strategy Sub-Module, you'll learn how to create awareness and educate your prospects to come to you for help.

Now that you have a great marketing strategy, it's time to get your customers in the third sub-module entitled MARKETING TACTICS.

There are literally hundreds of marketing tactics. Pick the three ideal tactics for your business.

You will learn seven traditional and five advanced marketing tactics that have been proven to attract prospective customers to your business.

The final marketing sub-module is MARKETING BUDGET.

Some marketing tactics are free... but most worthwhile marketing tactics will cost you money.

The big guys spend billions on advertising, but that's not the best direction for a new small business. In this sub-module you'll learn how to get your message to the people who want and need your products and services without spending a fortune.

Module #3

Sales 101

Let's face it, the majority of people HATE TO SELL. To convert an interested prospect into a high paying customer you must SELL.

Marketing is the act of attracting customers or leads to your business. But you can't feed your family on leads.


We've all experienced the SLEASY SALESMAN...

... and we don't want that to be us.

Unfortunately, without sales training, we fall into two dysfunctional places. We're either that

A PASSIVE salesperson who is so shy and never start a sales conversation


 that AGGRESSIVE sales person who annoys people

In Sales 101, you'll learn how to be a salesperson who educates your prospective client in a helpful way. You'll learn how to close a sale with someone who needs your services; and refer someone who doesn't.

Basically, you'll learn how to become a sales professional instead of a PASSIVE or AGGRESSIVE salesperson.

Module #4

Vision & Time Management

You've got your plate full with financial planning, marketing strategies and tactics and selling. Learn how you CAN do it all.

Starting a business is one of those decisions that will change your life FOREVER. You'll either: 

Grow closer to your TRUE PURPOSE in life


Create BUSYness that keeps you from LIVING LIFE

The VISION training module is packed with tools to help you step back from your tunnel vision and create a business that serves your life's purpose.

You'll learn how to use the LIFE WHEEL to rank yourself on eight key areas of life to see how your business serves you in creating balance in your life.

You will learn how to use the VISION PYRAMID to match your professional and personal visions; and then break your vision into manageable goals and habits that matter to you.

You will learn how to breakdown all your goals, projects and habits into tasks and create a TIME MANAGEMENT system used on a weekly basis to MAKE PROGRESS towards what matters most to you. 

When you've finished the Vision Training Module, you will have weekly tasks that you can accomplish to achieve success in your new business and life.

Module #5

Business Formation

In this module, you will learn the critical legal and administrative tasks of running your business. 

Let's face it... business administration is NOT PRETTY.... but it is NECESSARY. 

While you can learn most of this stuff from an accountant, or a state-sponsored website, you'll only learn PRACTICAL business administration in this training module.

When forming a business, you must get the answer to four basic questions...


When you're first starting out, YOU SHOULD NOT FORM AN LLC. Each phase of business requires a different level of risk mitigation, minimization of tax payments and optimum administrative work.

Learn why different legal formations will serve you in each phase of your business.


You'll learn how to PROTECT your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) or COOL IDEAS from theft by others.


At some point in the growth of your business, you'll need to either contract to others or hire employees. You'll learn when to hire EMPLOYEES and when you should hire CONTRACTORS. You'll learn the legal and tax ramifications of these critical decisions


We all...


but it has to be done.

You'll learn how to minimize your tax bill and how to pay sales tax, income tax and payroll tax.

Module #6

Business Planning & Execution

In this module, you will learn how to put together everything you've learned into a concise business plan... and then execute that plan. 

FINALLY! You've learned what you need to create your busienss plan. 

STARTING YOUR BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH  is NOT a business plan template that forces you to GUESS at how to start your business

In the BUSINESS EXECUTION module you'll learn to PLAN and how to EXECUTE your business.

How to PLAN...

You will learn how to take what you learned in previous modules and easily insert into a comprehensive business planning template.

This planning template has been used for my businesses and hundreds of others to produce predictable success.

Once you've documented your business plan, you'll have the confidence to deliberately start and grow your business the RIGHT WAY.

How to EXECUTE...

Executing a successful business sounds easy once you have a plan. Right?


There are three traps that most new entrepreneurs fall into...

You get distracted & busy

You're fearful & stuck

You are motivated but broke

You will learn how to take your well thought out plan and make it a reality.

You will learn Core Energy CoachingTM concepts that will help you get out of your own way, get motivated, and get results.

After all, what good is a business plan that you finish, but never make a reality?


If you've made it this far, you're probably wondering...

Who is delivering this business training?

Why should I listen to him?



My name is Jeff Schuster. I started, grew and sold a multi-million dollar business over a period of 16-years. After selling my business I wanted to help others succeed in business. I realized how my business created amazing community value and personal wealth. As I watched others struggle and fail at their business dreams, I wanted to help and encourage them to succeed. So, I became a business coach.

I noticed that most new business owners were missing something. They were missing fundamental knowledge that they needed to be successful. That's what prompted me to create the Starting Your Business from Scratch business launch system. I have watched hundreds who have completed this system transform their lives from worry to joy.

The next section of this long introduction to the Starting Your Business from Scratch system is the price. You'll notice that the price is LOW. This low price may deter some of you looking for a serious business training system.  I guarantee you that the content in this training is from years of experience in business ownership and teaching hundreds of other small business owners. 







What does Richard have to say about Starting Your Business from Scratch?


"Starting Your Business from Scratch is an awesome course! It walks you through the fundamentals of all the things you need to start a business with detailed, step--by-step explanations. Great amount of time and focus spent on the planning phases of starting a business. These phase are often overlooked by most new business owners embarking on this journey."


If you've made it this far, you're seriously considering enrolling in Starting Your Business from Scratch, but your are hesitant. I get it. Everything sounds like it's what you need to successfully launch your new business, but what if the training ends up being a DUD?

Let's deal with that RIGHT NOW!



The Starting Your Business from Scratch training modules are enough; but I want to give you....


that will help anyone who's serious about becoming a successful business owner.

Finding Affordable Business Help

You Need Help... But Can't Pay a Fortune

In this guide, you'll learn about the professionals and organizations that can help you start and grow your business. 

This eBook will educate you about the professionals who can help you in your business.

Some of these professionals cost thousands and others are free. 

Wouldn't it be nice to know who can help you and how much they cost?  

This guide will walk you through all of the resources who can help you in your business.

You'll learn about the FREE resources offered by local government organizations.... as well as the high-paid business consultants.


Energize Your Business 

You Can Get BURNED OUT... or ENERGIZED, it's Your Choice

In this guide, you'll learn even more about energy concepts that you hear about in the training. 

This bonus eBook will show you how your attitude can affect your productivity and your ENERGY.

Let's face it... 

When you try to start your own business, you will be bombarded with negative attitude arrows.  

This guide will show you how you can manage your attitude in a way that increases your energy as you navigate the challenges of business.

The long hours, tight budget and frustrating obstacles can be seen as opportunities instead of problems.

Learn how to shift your attitude from victim and conflict to a win-win opportunity by climbing the ladder.

5-Part Formula for Business Success 

Learn Key Areas of Your Business that can EXPLODE Profits

It's easy to get tunnel vision when you run your business. What if you could tweak five items that can grow profits exponentially? 

This bonus eBook will teach you about key variables that most small business owners take for granted. 

Learn to focus on FIVE key areas of your business. Each one of these areas multiplies on the other so that your profits can grow exponentially.  

This guide will expose the five key areas of your business that will make the difference in a business that drags you down... and a business that creates unlimited wealth.

If you started your business to do better than you would with a traditional job, this guide will show you how you can tune up your business to produce personal wealth instead of worry. 

Setting and Achieving Meaningful Goals 

Learn How to Live the Life You WANT

Many people live a life of quite desperation. They want something different, but never take the action to achieve that BETTER thing. 

This bonus eBook teaches a concise method of:

1] creating a grand personal and professional vision,
2] Breaking down your vision into goals, projects and habits.
3] Breaking your goals down into tasks.
4] Blocking your time to match life priorities.
5] Scheduling your tasks to be completed so that your life moves in a positive direction.

Once you've experienced this Time Management System, you'll be able to genuinely...


This guide will help you better balance your time to match your personal value system, help you create a compelling personal and professional vision, create worthwhile goals and then achieve those goals.... so that you



I know that even with world-class training, and great reading material, you'll run into obstacles that I could not have possibly foreseen when creating the STARTING YOUR BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH business launch system.

So, for as long I'm able...

you'll get my e-mail to contact me whenever you need help with your business.

E-mail any question you have about your business and I'll respond with a thoughtful answer to help you through your business challenge.


DETAILED TRAINING that walks you through a step-by-step process to learn and apply business principles to start their business the RIGHT WAY.

Workbooks for each lesson so that you can apply learned business principles to YOUR BUSINESS.  Grow your business from your newly gained knowledge IMMEDIATELY.

A Financial Planning Tool so that you can predict your monthly and yearly budget. Know your monthly income and expenses so that you will eliminate your stress about money.

A Business Planning Document Template to document key elements of your business plan to prove to any financial stake holder that your business is a WISE INVESTMENT.

E-Mail support from a BUSINESS COACH to answer questions that you have as you go through the training so that you get answers to your questions IMMEDIATELY.

BONUS Business Guides that you can use to GROW, gain CLARITY, or ENERGIZE your business. These guides are yours to keep and use or pass on to a friend.

30-DAY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If the STARTING YOUR BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH program doesn't give you EVERYTHING you want and need, you'll get 100% refund with no questions asked.

...the videos, training manuals, tools, templates, workbooks, business guides, and business mentoring are valued at OVER $5,000. I want you to have them all for a single payment of $377.

(While there's not a fixed time-limit on this offer, Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching reserves the right to increase the price of this offer in the future publications.)







What does Henry have to say about Starting Your Business from Scratch?


Starting Your Business from Scratch is broken up just right. It’s not too long & not too short. This allowed me to easily get through the training and apply what I needed for my business.

Here's a list of ANSWERS to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Starting Your Business from Scratch

Hopefully, you find the answer to your question.