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What if you could reduce your payroll by 40% by simply becoming a better leader?


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You will learn seven distinct ways of thinking about leadership.  You will recognize how attitude is everything when it comes to leading your people well.  You will be introduced to a new language of Energy Leadership that I use throughout the rest of the Leadership Matters training.

You will learn how to stop micro-managing your people and encourage the type of critical thinking in your employees that you need to grow your company.  Without this skill, you will forever be needed to do the thinking for your people.  Who wants that?

You will learn how to identify and leverage the diversity you have on your team into a high performing team.  It's quite normal for people to not get along, unless a leader shows them the way.  You will learn how to convince team members to value instead of diminish each other's differences.

Leading a $50 Million/year company is quite different than leading a $50 Thousand/year company,  You will learn how to grow in your ability as a leader as your company grows.  If you fail to grow as a leader, you will create dysfunction in your company and will most likely fail to grow at all until you change.

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