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This is an amazing opportunity to be formally trained in finance, marketing, sales, vision, business formation and business execution by an experienced and successful entrepreneur.

Apply Directly to Your Business

Each lesson comes with workbooks and business planning tools that you use to apply what you've learned directly to your business.

Community of Entrepreneurs

You will join our private Facebook Group and ask questions to fellow entrepreneurs who are struggling with many of the same challenges as you.

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Here's What's Included

You'll get access to six video training modules: 1) Finance; 2) Marketing; 3) Sales; 4) Vision; 5) Formation; and 6) Execution.  In total there are 47-Video lessons and 17-Tutorial videos.

You're not just getting training, but you'll be joining a community of fellow entrepreneurs who are dedicated to succeeding in their business, just like you.  You'll be invited to join our private Facebook Group to ask whatever questions you want about succeeding in your business from other business owners who have conquered the challenges you're facing.

Learn how to do business the RIGHT way

Enroll Now - $12.77 per Month

What's in the Training?

The financial training module includes three sections: 1) Money Mindset; 2) Accounting & Finance; and 3) Financial Forecasting.  Money mindset helps you understand how to think about money, adding value to your customers, and making money for yourself.  Accounting and finance will teach you the basic standards for accounting so that you can set up your books, understand your financial statements, and understand the language of business finance.  In financial forecasting, you will use a tool that we give you to create your own one-year and ten-year financial forecast.  In total, there are 34-videos included in the Small Business Finance training, seventeen of which are tutorials for using the financial forecasting tool. 

Small Business Marketing includes four key sections: 1) Marketing Foundation; 2) Marketing Strategy; 3) Marketing Tactics & 4) Marketing Budget.  You will learn how to define yourself in a way that will compel those who you want as customers to seek you out.  You will learn how to use strategic marketing to build a substantial and sustainable following of customers who continue to buy what you're selling.  You will learn specific tactics that you can apply today to gain customers for your business.  Best of all, you will be able to create an affordable marketing program by understanding how to pay a reasonable amount for your marketing costs.

Basic Sales Training teaches you how to create a systematic process that you can repeat over and over and over again to convert qualified prospects into high-paying customers.  You will first learn how to avoid being the "sales jerk" that we all hate.  You will learn how to create your own customer sales process that both educates your prospective customer and helps them genuinely understand how your product or service will leave them better off.  You will learn how to use "benefits language" that is connected directly to you customer's need so they will clearly see the value you offer.

We can become so stressed about our business and focused on work, that we forget to LIVE.  In this Vision Training, you will learn to take a step back and look at where you want to be as a person.  You will then figure out how your business fits into your personal picture and develop a business vision that serves you rather than enslaves you.  The vision training starts with an assessment of your values, you will then work through the vision pyramid with vision, goals, projects, habits and finally end up with a weekly and daily time management system that you can use on a regular basis.

Business Formation training includes a lot of important topics for small business owners that didn't fit in any other category.  You will learn the key legal formations of any business within the U.S. and understand the risks, tax benefits and characteristics of each one.  You will also learn how to minimize your taxes by incorporating.  You will also learn how to protect your Intellectual Property through copyrights, trademarks and patents.  And finally, you will learn the technicalities of hiring employees as you grow your small business.

Now that you've created each individual piece of the picture for your business, the one last thing you need to do is put it all together in a plan and execute it.  You will be given my business plan skeleton template and put the results of each one of your previous sections into a comprehensive business plan.  You will then be shown how to turn this plan on paper into a business success reality.  You will learn many of the strategies and tactics business coaches use to get their business owner clients to act in a positive way to move their business forward and eliminate constant stress.

20% Discount for any Members of a Chamber of Commerce {Use the Discount Code FCCC at Checkout}

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Have you ever watched a  video and then forgot some key information, and dreaded going back through the entire video to see what you forgot?  That won't happen with the Business Confidence Course.  All the words and images are included in PDF's that you can read any time you want.  No need to take notes.  Each lesson comes with a workbook and specific homework to apply that lesson to your business.  The tools that are included in this package have been used in real businesses and they work.  The financial forecasting tool and the business planning template are the two premier tools that most of my clients use every year.

20% Discount for any Members of a Chamber of Commerce {Use the Discount Code FCCC at Checkout}

Gain the knowledge you need to succeed

Enroll Now - $12.77 per Month

Join a Community of Entrepreneurs

Once you start your training, you'll be invited to join the Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching Facebook group.  There are experienced and rookie business owners in several different industries all helping each other out on questions that come up daily in their business dealings.  On top of that, you'll get a weekly blog post written by Jeff Schuster that highlights some story of a business owner who revolutionized their business just by changing their perspective.  

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Enroll Now - $12.77 per Month

20% Discount for any Members of a Chamber of Commerce {Use the Discount Code FCCC at Checkout}


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