I started, grew and sold a multi-million-dollar company. By most standards I was living the American dream. After landing a great position as a vice president in the company that had acquired mine, I discovered that I had become burned out and eventually resigned. I founded Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching to help small business owners create a level of business success that is greater than my own while not becoming burned out.

The book Business Mechanics & Mindset contains the lessons I’ve learned over 30-years in business. I was extremely successful as a Fortune 100 executive. I was also quite adept at running a business. I had the mechanics down. What eluded me was having the mindset it took to grow my business to the next level. After coaching several small business owners and making substantial progress with their businesses, I’ve found the secret recipe to creating a small business that generates the wealth you seek, while giving you the work/life balance you hope for.

Business Mechanics & Mindset starts with introducing you to the mechanical components it takes to make money in any small business. The next section combines seven different ways of thinking about each aspect of your business that will revolutionize your business. In the final sections, I help you use these same mechanical and mindfulness principles to create your work/life balance to help you disconnect from work when you need to. The book finishes with a series of tools and exercises you can use to grow yourself as a business leader.

In my coaching practice, I find some business owners lack the mental toughness it takes to create the business they want. I have discovered that other business owners lack basic business skills. Regardless of which one you may be, you’ll gain a lot from the content of Business Mechanics & Mindset.

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